Rank the curse users

Where did you find it?

Asked vet

I’d like to think that the True Captain title being yellow is actually a reference to Averill (since he’s associated with that color). Because he himself is a True Captain, and I feel like he’d be the type of person to not lose any of his crew during his journey.

Be like Averill :+1: (I wish I got to know him in AA, he seems like a cool character from things I heard)

Most of yall wrong
Trigno number 1

Ah yes, the guy we beat at level 10 is a curse user (real)

fair, however i still believe arsen would wipe the floor with most if not all the curse users we’ve seen in ao so far, + the competition in AA is lackluster since trigno has barely a century of experience, and averill a few months by the end of AA

I personally think randal would easily cook arsen but thats just me

I would agree, he and Holden somehow stunted Durza’s activity in the Seven seas prior to Randal’s eventual arrival to the W.S and Holden being victimized. Though, we have never really seen Randal in action, we don’t even know how effective of a fighter was, he was more-so a lookout that could harass Durza’s advancements

So yeah, maybe however we prolly need to see some feats in real time to accurately measure him

Awful list, overrating morrock hard

I would say

  1. Durza
  2. Cursebeard
  3. Freedrock
  4. Morock
  5. Idk (probably randal)

I’d put Cursebeard > Durza in a fight but Durza has more destructive power cause of his magic singularity shenanigans (multiple magics into attack)

Rest makes sense if vet actually retconned Freedrock’s power, we won’t know tho

I ranked them at the peak of their power (durza absorbed cursebeards power so hes above him)

Durza did not absorb cursebeard’s power

It wouldn’t even be possible due to energy curse

I’m still going Freedrock > Cursebeard > Durza > Morrock until we actually get more statements on the three in game since that’s how it’s been stated before

After reading it again it never actually says durza absorbed cursebeards curses just that he died because he got too sad to fight

Ya and you need to drain physical energy to absorb curses while cursebeard still had infinite energy

Then i will adjust my ranking to

  1. Cursebeard
  2. Freedrock
  3. Durza
  4. Morock

Plus he was still alive to explain the peacekeeper the whole situation

Vetex has stated that Cursebeard was the strongest human ever, and everything we know about freedrock is wrong aside from the fact he invented radius fist. Pretty sure Morrock was stronger than Durza so the list would be more like Cursebeard > Morrock > Durza and idk where to put Freedrock since we know nothing about how strong he really is

Morrock literally possesses the greatest power of the god Prometheus at his peak of power, he is quite literally made to be the greatest possible counter to the strongest curse user, Arthur. Morrock quite literally stomps everybody else, you wouldn’t be saying this if it wasn’t for the fact Morrock was more interested in attacking the AG than Cursebeard.

You mean the one who got ganked by cursebeard before getting any curses (under special circumstances whatever hes strong enough to gank him normally now)
Cursebeard has millenia more experience than morock, hes stronger than prometheus