Reminders discussion

Create or find a bot that automatically quotes messages from one topic to another that would essentially just be linking the message like this:

It would link ANY and ALL messages from the thread and post them in the discussion thread, but a key difference is a necessity of some moderation.

New (and actually enforced) rules would be in place where any discussion in the real Reminders for AO thread would result in temporary suspension.

The only messages allowed are ones containing new patch notes by themself or with the poster commenting on the addition, posts with new images of unreleased content, posts about any announcements vetex has, etc.

When a post is made the bot would then immediately link it in the discussion thread where people may chat about it and other random conversations that stem from it.

These discussion threads would be named as “Reminders for AO (number) (part)”. Number would be focused on the main (but not only) Reminders topic being discussed, for example right now it would be Reminders for AO 3 but you could also bring up Reminders from AO 2 content (although a seperate topic would obviously be preferred). The part would be there for organization sake as many discussions will obviously reach 10k+ messages so it’s easier to find whichever specific discussion you’re searching for.

It would obviously be nice if a thread was just made and then people themself linked the patch note and discussed, but so far I really doubt it’ll ever happen.

I felt the need to atleast throw the idea out there since three different discussions are happening in Reminders right now and some other irrelevant stuff like a guy advertising his vitality suggestion. All of which I don’t care about besides Javelin, you could say to just “check the trello” but Reminder’s entire existence is for people who are too lazy to (trello website also takes years to load for no reason) and want to see stuff they might’ve missed like random tester images.

Tldr; Make a discussion thread and have a bot link all Reminders posts there. Actually enforce Reminders rules

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A bot or a similar system is probably overkill since there is already the option of replying as linked topic. It creates a new topic and leaves a link to it in the original, and a link to the post you’re replying to in the new one.
The hard part would be getting people to use the feature, since I would guess that it has been used maybe 2 times and only around 7 people are even aware it exists. Maybe we can change the reply template to include the quote of the post you’re replying to so you can have the screenshot from the Reminders thread in the new Discussiom thread more easily.

This would be a bit different than the proposal where you would still have the one main Reminders thread and then many branching Discussion threads for every update instead of a single one for all of them. Might be better with more focused Discussion threads, but might also create some accidental duplicates.

Overall agree, Reminders thread is 10% Reminders and the rest is clutter.

This is too real. If they were running a crypto miner they would make it less slow to not be obvious.


Honestly bruh. At first I thought it was my bad laptop but when I realized it still was a bit slow on my upgrade I was baffled.

I do agree that a bot is overkill, but I mainly wanted to throw the idea of actually doing something about Reminders since punishments were never enforced and people rarely make topics to move the discussion there

would it be possible to have a bot post screenshots of new patchnotes and have people make threads of the new patchnotes (similar to discord)? This way this topic will be limited to strictly patchnotes and the occasional mod message ig while also still allowing people to discuss the patchnotes

The idea is good, but the question is: possible or not?

Stop trying to take sock’s job smh

if they made a public api endpoint i would be up to make it, i can’t be bothered to make an entire selenium implementation to mimic a bot.

it’s kind of boring tho without small conversations about the patch notes

keyword small


Clearly people can’t make it small so something has gotta be done

Am I the only one mildly fine with this? Granted it’s also the closes thing we got to a forum general

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Then we should just have a forum general instead of using Reminders :fr:

honestly the reminders channels have ALWAYS been a chat room for future update content lol.
there’s far too many messages for ANYBODY to want to look through it to learn trello updates instead of just… looking at the trello.

the only way it could be anything else is if it was closed off to normal members as an announcement channel where a changelogs is slowly written as trello updates for each game update.

Screenshots would be finnicky, but periodically getting the updates is certainly doable. It could maybe be a nice embed or something other than plain text.
The tricky part then would be picking an interval that would be often enough to be relevant, but not too often where it’s a single line every time or it catches edits to a single one too often.
Also whenever there’s a new Recent card it would need a manual interevntion, because Trello links are nonsensical.

I believe the discord thing is a person posting screenshots in a shared channel on a server whenever there’s a new version. Or at least that’s what it always looked like.

The bot proposals are asking for that, if I understand them correctly. The Reminders thread would be just the Reminders from a bot and then you are allowed to reply as linked thread for discussion.

I’ll go ask the other mods to give thoughts and we could come up with proposals to put on a public vote or something. Further discussion here is welcome.

isn’t it literally vetex himself posting it

Mine was actually about a bot linking any message from the Reminders thread.

For example sock posts a new patchnote and the bot in “Reminders for AO discussion” would link the patch note post from him.

Lets say Cryonical posts some random tester screenshot in Reminders then the bot would link the his specific post in “Reminders for AO discussion” and then people could chat about it

Because for some god forsaken reason the forums load up faster than the trello, literally I could go to my forum bookmark (FAQ page), click everything section, scroll for reminders, click reminders and read everything before trello even boots up the main AO page let alone the Recent tab.

Hell I could make it even faster by bookmarking reminders in specific but nah