Remove auto enchantments for fishing

I know their will be a good handful of people who may experience this.

Your out fishing for sunken items and you’ve possibly been fishing for maybe just a few minutes to over hours. And on this catch you finally see the gleaming purple/blue tag that indicates that you’ve caught a sunken piece. You quickly indentify it as a chestpiece and see the white particles that float around it. But your joy is quickly dismissed as you take closer inspection to the nametag… FORCEFUL… FUCKING FORCEFUL SUNKEN CHESTPIECE.

Remove automatic enchants on fished items. Everyone know that a plain sunken item is 10* better than a forceful one. So by allowing for automatic enchant. This tortures us sweats and grinders who love to fish for sunken.

By the way this has happened to me 3 times now

skill issue tbh


Bro how are you not banned yet, you’ve admitted to macro fishing multiple times.

I’ve already been banned.

(Just not in the forums)

what how did you get 3 sunken-

1 of them boots 2 of them chestpieces. Took several days

skill issue ngl (holy fuck go outside)

Must have been very severe

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After spending many hours fishing to try and get a sunken, my first sunken catch was a Swift Sunken Chest, what a nice immediate decrease in value.

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This is fair but only just for Sunken items. This should also be applied to rare items from chests (when that’s a thing).

Think about it this way
Fate said the enchant you’re gonna get is forceful on that sunken armour piece so it automatically gave it to you. You don’t gotta waste some crowns to feel even more pain by seeing it enchanted to forceful


Untill disenchanting comes into the game what you described is how it should be.

Enchant scrolls are gonna be a thing anyway.

Easy solution to unfavorable RNG: Hoard Enchant Scrolls.

It hardly changes anything since you would normally enchant it anyway
Now sure, some traders might just want to trade it clean for something else, but most people won’t even have sunken items in the first place so if they get any they would enchant it as soon as they can. Having it already enchanted is more beneficial than anything for the great majority of people.

Enchantment scrolls.

…Alright maaaaaaaaybe it’s not that bad

I mean it depends how rare enchant scrolls are. If they are very rare, I don’t think it’s worth removing enchants for that reason alone

Getting an enchanted piece of Sunken proves how much of a lucky bastard you are, no matter the enchantment. Fishing an enchanted Sunken piece is probably rarer than anything, especially if it’s max level. Also, enchantments should be kept, but should only appear on common items, and you shouldn’t be able to fish a directly enchanted sunken item.

By the way didn’t you admit to use fishing macros? Lot of time to get 3 sunken pieces. Also @Inferno:

you’re a genius, now i don’t have to witness 1.2k crowns trashed into a hard sunken sword :slight_smile:

Enchantment scrolls.

That opinion was about the current state of the game. Yes, I do get it might/might not happen until AO. I know it’s irrelevant and I’m wrong again. My mistake, allow me to reword this a sec

But, a moment, what if someone still doesn’t use the enchantment scroll and uses Galleons on it? wouldn’t still be part of the example I mentioned? (I do know enchanting with currency will be super rare once these 100% safe enchantment scrolls come out, but there’s a slight chance it happens)