Restrict #marketplace:shops to TL1+


Remember this?

Well, while doing that, somehow I missed a detail, this detail being that #marketplace:shops is still not locked.

Suggestion to make this post came from a comment made by NoBanana


First, it would fit with the category #marketplace being TL1+ locked. If this restriction is going to be kept, then the shops section should be affected by it.

Second, apparently people have been posting trades on the shops section, which don’t belong there at all.

I’m not going to suggest increasing the TL requirement because it would be excessive. Technically, users have access to most functions at TL1, so that was my safest pick, also because TL2 already takes noticeably more time to achieve than TL1.

And that’s the end of this post.

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Yes, please. We’d be having to re-categorizing things a little less.


Oh so there were various cases of wrong category trades?

yup a lot actually. Tho people will just post in #game-discussion:trading-discussion now
and we will still have to recategorize them

Should I add that to suggest restriction to TL1+ too then?

thats a hard question to answer since trading discussion could help the person whos new to the forums out a lot (basically no because its useful for them) but at the same time if its being used for trading posts then yes (when misused)

Take in mind TL1 only requires some reading to get. Though, as it’s related to #game-discussion then it’s better to leave it out of the restriction, but there could be a pinned message for said category to not bypass this restriction on said category.

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I made this change a few days ago.