Riothamus Conivus Nerva | Truth Foretold | Part 1 |

In a village, closest to Mount Olympus, young Riothamus was born. The first thing he saw was the face of his beautiful mother Desmonda, and his father Hades, God Of The Underworld.

“He’s out!” a man to the right of Desmonda exclaimed.

“Give him to me!” Desmnoda told the man holding her child.

Desmonda grabbed her child, and stared into his eyes, there was a silent pause until Desmonda spoke. “Riothamus… his name shall be Riothamus. “

Hades sits there, staring at his newborn’s red eyes. “Not yet… but soon” Hades whispers to himself, as he slowly leaves the room.


“Father… stop…” Riothamus weakly says. “GET UP BOY, ARE YOU ALREADY AT YOUR LIMITS?” Hades shouted, while kicking his son off the ground. “WHY MUST I SEE YOU GROVEL BEFORE ME? GET UP!” He shouted, once again. Riothamus, now at the ripe age of 14, is being trained and beaten day and night, by his relentless father, Hades.

“Father… cough cough please, I can’t stand, I am barely able to pull together a breath, let me rest father, please. “ Riothamus weakly responds.

Hades, full of rage, slowly stops, he takes a moment to look at his son, and pulls out a bottle of Ambrosia nectar. “Here my boy, take this… We continue this the next day. You are far too weak to face that bastard Prometheus. And you can’t even fulfill the tasks I hand you? What if it’s going to be too late? What if you aren’t strong enough? WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN, HUH BOY? Hades gasps for breath, as he watches his injured son drink the bottle of nectar. Slowly, Riothamus feels strength, and is able to stand as he watches his wounds close.

“Father…” Riothamus says as he sits down on a nearby rock “Please, can you please tell me why I must kill Prometheus… I have been training everyday for as long as i can remember. You have infused violence and magic into my veins, but for what purpose? Why must I feel tortured day and night, to just be HUMILUATED BY YOU?”. There is a silent pause, neither Riothamus or Hades choose to speak, until Hades lets out a brief sigh.

“Boy, you are aware of chaos, no?” Hades responds to his son.

“No father, I am not” he says back.

Hades lets out another brief sigh “Then it is not in my right to tell you… But if you must know why you are going to kill Prometheus, then it is because of the gift humans received, magic.” Hades said.

“Magic? Wha- wha- what do you mean magic? It has been a blessing to us and humans, what do you mean by magic?” Riothamus says back.

“Prometheus gave humans the gift of magic, but by doing so, he made humans as strong as the gods. Eventually, humans will learn to harness their magic into something stronger, and naturally due to being just mortals, will destroy life for power. Plus, due to Prometheus being hungry for power himself, he will let a human become stronger than himself after he kills my brother, Zues… That is all I can say, rest up for today, a new challenge awaits you.”

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All I can say is bravo! Great Story! Can’t wait to see more chapters soon!

Can’t wait to befriend Hades. Of all the greek gods Hades is my favorite.

In a lot of game/books that involve hades, he is made a really interesting character. I especially love the actual game Hades. So I’m not gonna lie, I agree with you.

Also he has never cheated on his wife unlike all the other male gods.

Very true

Hades with shades :sunglasses:

make it happen

This is story is taking place within the first 227 years of recorded history, so might be a little tough.

Hades canonically invents sunglasses in the Arcane lore now because I said so

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