Roblox Game Sharing Party

how exactly does this game play? i want to know so i can see if its a fighting game i can enjoy

Build your own build balancing stats. We got standard heavy, light, and a bunch of air.

tower perk is so broken dude

actually fun randomizer (some of the time)

Just wanted to mention:

Apocalypse rising 2

Post apocalyptic zombie (and player) survival shooter where you can loot various weapons and vehicles from the map. Lots of fun, especially with friends.

Black Magic 2

A fast paced, combo oriented fighting game with a 2.5D, 2D, or Free camera movement. Currently has 6 fleshed out classes with unique movesets and interactions.

unironically has better pvp than deepwoken

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black magic 2 is literally dead as hell bruh :sob: when are we getting new classes

There’s a new class that they teased on the discord which uses a pair of scissors, but I’m not sure when it’ll release. From what leaks have been put out though, it looks close to completion.

Also Avalon best class

bro has not seen the meta… where only 1 single build was playable in any meaningful way

(Gale blade (thing that sends you into sky) + Ice kick + Fire rush thing + any grab move) was an unaviodable, almost undodgable, virtually unparryabe combo that dealt half of ANY build’s health and was easy as fuck to land.

that wasn’t even including the other 2 moves :skull: thank god they gutted most of it.

edit: can’t find find a proper video but this guy’s build is basically what the entire playerbase was at one point, or a very slightly edited version.

good game, great fun
there’s a reason why i’m recommended the mugen version and not aph’s version but i don’t really want to bring it up so you can look it up yourself


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