Roblox Game Sharing Party

You know how Roblox is basically dumpster diving until you find a high quality gem? Well, lets cut that part out. Show off any Roblox game, preferably high quality, but anything will do, I’ve always enjoyed Showcase games and those games with a single gimic.

Play hours

I REALLY want to love hours but I only like it since it feels pretty slow at times, and kind of clunky.

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It’s pretty grindy, and gets old after a little while, but devs are trying to fix that. I say it’s worth a try (community is really nice as well)


HOURS, Entry Point, Combat Warriors, uhhh…
I’ll update this later.

A fun exploration game for those who love weirdcore, liminal spaces, Yume Nikki, or simply just have fond memories of these weird suburban areas. Also, recommended to play in first person:

Oh yeah, I played this!
It’s pretty confusing at first, but uh… I think I’ve managed to run through every area in it already. Unless there’s secrets I’m missing…
Also, most effects seem to do… Nothing.

EDIT: Wait I haven’t played THIS Dream World. I’ve played the other though, that being this one

Oooo, this seems nice

It’s pretty fun. Very much like Yume Nikki, but it’s a wild ride to explore. Although, as I said, once you explore it all you kinda feel… Sad. A lot of the effects seem to do nothing, after all.

Got its first update in the last year. Devs finally undied.

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there was a thread just like this i forgot the name of

found it

anyway ig for me Entry Point and anything from LudicrousCunningFox


RBLXWare, Defend the Train(maybe when irs out of alpha.) and battleboards, though rblxware is the only game with a consistent 20-40 players. rest are usually dead

damn didn’t know roblox yume nikki fangames existed,

currently playing through 2ikki as well , convenient

I made this thread because I was tired of filling that one up

Here we go
Time to repost almost everything that I threw down last time but all in one message this time.

massively underrated game that I’m 90% sure you didn’t know existed until reading this.

Play this, game’s awesome.

Bet you didn’t see this coming.
While this game is definitely not underrated right now, it is the most unique tycoon style game on roblox that I know of, which is receiving regular updates.

Very fun sci-fi shooter.
Be prepared to die alot until you get the mechanics on hold.
Especially considering how small the game’s community is right now.

Open world PvE card game thing.
Very fun.
Major downside is that unless you’re max level, people won’t want you in their party.
This is mostly because anything below max level basically says you just started the game since max level takes no time at all to get.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it at some point.

Game is very in beta. This was supposed to be a murder mystery stealth/action game.
Its mostly just an action game.

Very unique and fun but don’t play it too long or you’ll very suddenly find yourself hating it.
Don’t know why, its a common thing with this game, you’ll go from loving it to hating it in moments.

I’m a good 99% sure you know what this is.
If you don’t know, play it.

I’m 100% sure that you know what this is.
However did you know that there’s daily challenges now?

Its been a while, this hasn’t received updates in a while, and its community is very very small.
Bring an alt or two for getting rep for different clans or for treating them like save files.

Very nice class based dungeon crawler game that’s been remade from the ground up with permission from the original developers.

It doesn’t look much better than it used to, but it has more content.

The game’s grindy and a fair bit buggy, don’t get me wrong.
However, this thing makes up for every bit of that in sheer uniqueness and design.

There’s nothing else quite like it on roblox.

The name explains just about the entire game.
Throw in an audio ID and do whatever you want with it.

Game’s nice.
If you like jumping then this is the game for you.


I like the aesthetic of PWNED, and gives me nice memories of other RPGs, but good lord is it kind of a mess. Luckily it isn’t the final product.

It’s like Item Asylum but higher quality!

Shockingly entertaining meme game: