Rumours about Syndicate

Lately, I’ve been hearing rumours circulate from people saying:

  • “Syndicate was a ‘hacker’/‘exploiter’ guild”
  • “Syndicate disbanded because the Leader got banned”
  • “The Leader was using aimbot and a script to hunt players”
  • “Syndicate alt farms”

Yeah, if you’re aged 13 and below go ahead and believe them.

Syndicate is far from a ‘hacker’/‘exploiter’ guild. Neither have we ever used alternate accounts to farm Infamy on. We had 8 members contributing to our Infamy, not trying to brag but we actually had good PvPers to make this happen (reach 2,560+ Infamy).

Many times we have been accused of exploiting, two people from Syndicate got banned because of those accusations but were quickly exonerated in the same hour. I, myself have been accused many times (about aimbot) and I’m still here. If really did the things people accused us of, 80% of the core Syndicate roster wouldn’t be able to join Azure Sorcery, Vetex’s Guild.

Here’s a video of me actually disbanding Syndicate, not Vetex:

Now about the “script to hunt players”, there’s a Roblox rendering bug that allows you to see people in trees with the help of the Overhead GUI (above head Healthbar GUI).

Anyways, Syndicate will be reborn in Arcane Odyssey under the name “Creed” and if it ain’t led by “(WoM_Creed)”, it’s fake.


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Said share to let people know what happened to Syndicate, didn’t ask for your opinion.

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The only thing that annoys me about Syndicate is that sexy top 2 in leaderboards belongs to a disbanded guild. Other than that, very cool guild.

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If you think that Syndicate actually exploited you definitely have a skill issue

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Thank you for clearing this up. As I had no idea. Thanks!

wait, THATS why sydicate disbanded? I thought the owner just got bored or something.

Syndicate got disbanded because of the infamy changes, not allowing us to gain infamy on players who aren’t in a Guild and aren’t max level. Our goal was to get Strong Guild for the Guild Logos but that also played a factor in the disbandment because every Guild got their logo above their head.

Oh, so you just beat up kids who didnt know the first thing about pvp

The people who knew the first thing about pvp, also happened to know how to log.