Safe Mode?!

Man just gank them back

…I say not!

i thought it would get too toxic and then MIDinput would close it

this would be nice but reknown doesnt really have a purpose anymore so no need to worry about getting hunted really

this removes the entire point of global pvp enabled, and while i myself hate it, atleast it doesnt make the game boring

It wasn’t fun being jumped constantly, but at least their was action, I think positive rep players should be able to pvp again, the game feels too empty without it

choose something :skull:

maybe make the penalty for killing another fame player as a fame player actually significant, like losing 5% of your fame every time

Is your goal to disencourage ganking?

If that’s the case, then the way it is now is perfect for you. All we need now is to fix the Friendly Fire issues and boom, now you’ve got a dollar store ripoff PVP toggle. There will still be ganking if someone is really feeling like an annoyance that day if it’s just a minor punishment, but there probably won’t be spawn killing for people that care about renown.

im actually agreeing with the guy i replied to, i like a little anarchy, like fame players having the choice to kill other fame players, but that should come with a hefty cost

before the change, if a fame player killed another fame player, theyd lose very very little fame

i think fame players should have the freedom to kill other fame players, but the penalty should be a lot higher, since logically, fame players shouldnt be killing other fame players in the first place

based pfp

correct. it makes the game annoying

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while yes it does, it also makes sure you are aware of your surroundings
i’d prefer a multiplayer game with global pvp enabled rather than a game with specific pvp area

wow. a nothing burger argument. “makes you aware of your surroundings” wtf are you talking about

as in: you gotta constantly worry about any looming players

I love getting ambushed while doing literally anything!

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It’s even BETTER when you lack the proper nerves to use your hands correctly, meaning most of your gameplay is failing HORRIBLY already.

Getting jumped is fine, but when you have no physical defense for it at all, it just sucks.


getting jumped being fine is a game per game basis. in arcane odyssey it is not fine

honestly when sensing gets added to the game I think there should be a combat power limit to who you can initate fights with IE: anyone between 5%-10% of your power you can start fights with but anyone below you, you cant. this number would likely change between different power ratings as abovingly someone with 5 power early game and 7 power are quite close (this is not perfect but something to mediate not getting completely jumped by higher levels just because they can)