Seas of Wonder (Arcane April, day 23)

Hunting treasure on the open seas
This be the only life for me!
I’ve found many wonderous items
But in all my travels, I’ve never been enlightened…

A life of adventure is what I seek
But the thrill of hunting riches has become so weak,
So I buy a drink, using my massive wealth
This might not be so great for my health…

But what’s this I’ve found?
Someone has come to me in search of a crew?
Me and my boys could do this all night 'round!
Just give us the job, and we’ll show you how we once flew!

Party as we sail the open seas!
What a fantastic life for me!
Now drink yer grog until you chunder!
As we sail the seas of wonder!


Uhhhh… Yeah… It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted in the writing topic. So uh, hello again.

pog you’re back

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literally everyone here posts like three things then doesn’t for a month lol

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