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that’s sandal

gonna do my main file ig

He doesn’t really have canon lore YET but i’m planning some stuff for him
He’s 18
He’s 5’6
He’s pretty serious, quiet and mysterious but he can be silly at times.

(made in catalog avatar)
He absolutely LOVES stealing sealed chests from ships he didnt have to put any effort in sinking.
He’s a lightning conjurer.

literally none of this is accurate anymore

quit your yapping, old me.

nothing I understand is accurate after you’ve been worldbuilding for 2 more hours. You’ve changed your mind more on your world than both your username, and magic of choice combined.

My OC is a sadist and a satanist, she has crucified people upside down with an inverted cross.

In the famous words of the imprisoned one…

“chaos, chaos”

but don’t worry

all of the pieces are falling together…

that’s… lovely…!

Assassination protocol initiated

Lilith Lionheardt is a ex-professional assassin/mercenary, though she is a completely normal human (aside from her immense resilience)
all she can do is fire guns, throw punches and kicks, maybe slash with a knife, anything small enough for her average human arms to hold
she relies on potions and weapons to kill anything that isn’t as normal as her, and oh boy is she good at it

her ingame outfit

her lore accurate outfit

I sure hope they are.


Akos Frost,

  • Prince of a nation
  • Hates doing stuff
  • Got magic because a God said so hundreds of years ago
  • Finds a guy who likes this wikipedia article Double pendulum - Wikipedia

Dulzura Winters,

  • Judge of important Court
  • Charisma 10/10
  • Is basically the God of Law’s favourite

Icarus / Icarus Fielnflaerreh / Icarus Fallenfire

  • Killed his father at 16
  • Trained for 5 years, 40 hours a day.
  • Has a cool amulet ig
  • Three year murder spree
  • Obsessed with counting his kills
  • Is twenty one

Takeshi Light

  • Main character vibes
  • I mean he eventually joins the Grand Court Peacekeepers, Ig?

Felix Mist

  • Owns a group of assassins
  • Manipulated by angry man
  • Yet to be developed

Rune Phoenix

  • Doesn’t care about your opinion (Unless you’re dulzura)
  • Breaks the law (Hence the Grand Courts employ her)
  • L + Ratio
  • Get Rune Phoenixed

Akiro Zephyr

  • His dad was a god
  • His dad was killed
  • He’s got this cool sword ability though
  • And also brute forces his way into the favour of the concept of movement itself

Lumi Zephyr

  • Akiro’s sister
  • Gets pretty good at the sword thing

Iri Blossom

  • Broke the law, managed to join an elite unit of soldiers at the age of 12. She was good at pointing out when they were about to die so they just sort of let her stay.

Mordred Zion

  • Spends his life trying to make sure Iri doesn’t die
  • Also is a royal guard guy
  • Nice

Bead P’ouette

  • Is aware of the fourth wall
  • Thats it

Uncertainty, Chaos, Randomness, etc

  • God of things not being the the
  • Thanks for the name

Movement, motion, flow, etc

  • God of stuff being different at different times
  • Made Akiro strong

Zane Zephyr

  • Really cool ability trust me
  • He actually survived as an independent conscious being after death
  • Because he can protect dead people from bad stuff happening to their consciousness (OR SOMETHING)

The Bridge

  • Guy really wanted to destroy something important
  • Really important to the story trust me


  • Hated by Akos,
  • Insert Fraud image here


  • Hated by everyone
  • Screw you, Harmonus
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i’ll do mine

sage sage: nerd
skye sky(e): nerd
star star: nerd
pan pan: evil nerd
percy percy: evil nerd
paige paige: evil nerd

is an evil nerd basically just someone who’s like a crappy DnD player

they’re a nerd but also rude, they’re the ones i hate so i make them choose the mean dialogue options, they’re like an angsty kid

also i should point out, nerd here is specifically magic nerd

are they also all ruthless?

yea, they did kill elius


I spent over three hours on this :sob:



Name: Teagan Gray (title coming later) (she/her)
Lore: AO MC
Age: 18
Height: 5’6"
Personality: bold, sassy but can be serious when needed, impulsive, outgoing
Fun fact: despite committing multiple crimes, she still considers it “too harsh” to cuss in public conversation and checks people on their language
Stat build: Warrior (ingame), Savant (in canon)
Abilities: I guess we’ll see as the game goes along
Ingame look: see above
Main canon look: fit build, fur-lined plate armor, tall leather boots, large scar on right cheek, scar across nose bridge, lots and lots of freckles, permanently-bloodshot eyes from being experimented on (also, her eyes seem to have no pupil), pointed ears
Late canon look: I’ll figure that out once we get to the end of the game


Name: Nikki Calding (still thinking of a title for her) (she/her)
Lore: captain of the Dawn Hunters, grew up in Redwake but was forced to flee on a merchant ship when her home town was attacked by pirates. Becomes part of the GN for a while, rising through the ranks quickly due to her power, but ultimately leaves after her squad and brother were killed by a criminal
Age: 21
Height: 5’9"
Personality: protective, caring, overall very parental (even makes dad jokes!)
Fun fact: due to growing up in Redwake, she knows basically every fish-related recipe in existence and loves to make them
Stat build: light/basic combat warlock
Abilities: magic prodigy (managed to get her first awakening at only 20), physically very strong, good sailor, good cook
Ingame look: see above (old screenshot though)
Main canon look: muscular, freckles, small scar on left cheek, white shirt with a tan jacket overtop, Sailor Boots, Power Amulet
Late canon look: Aereus set, gold-orange cape, Power Amulet


Name: Aksana Raven, the Violet Vengeance (she/her)
Lore: her mother was a traveling merchant from Ravenna, and whenever her and her mother would go back there Aksana would play with Lilith (see bio below). One day, when Aksana and her mother were traveling, they were attacked by pirates and their ship sank. Aksana’s mother died, but Aksana survived the ship sinking (albeit badly scarred and traumatized) and washed up in Blackwater Grotto, where she trained to be a criminal for a while. She ended up fighting Lilith by accident, but when they realized who each other was (were?) they stopped fighting, and Lilith helped Aksana clear her criminal record. While the two were doing a job for the GN to clear Aksana’s bounty, they ran into Nikki who helped them with the task and invited them to her crew.
Age: 19
Height: 6’0"
Personality: introverted, grouchy (except with Lilith who she is absolutely in love with), intimidating
Fun fact: her hair is streaked with dark blue from extended Dark Sea water exposure, if she’d been there another few hours she would’ve become a Lost Sailor
Stat build: plasma/ash mage
Abilities: not much outside of her magic, she’s very good at potion-making though
Ingame look: see above
Main canon look: thin build, burn scar covering the entire left side of her face, magenta poncho, Hunting Boots, light purple eyepatch over her burned eye
Late canon look: Vatrachos Set, still with the purple eyepatch


Name: Lilith Xiao (she/her)
Lore: grew up in Tiberia, became a bounty hunter at only 16 to support her struggling family, the rest is in Aksana’s bio because these 2 basically never go anywhere without each other
Age: 20
Height: 5’0"
Personality: caring, sweet, outgoing, empathetic, somewhat shy
Fun fact: she originally wanted to be a tailor, so she makes clothing and accessories for the other Dawn Hunters
Stat build: shadow paladin (planning to go shadow/glass ingame, don’t ask why because I have no clue, but in lore she hasn’t awakened yet)
Abilities: normal magic stuff, good at taking care of kids and animals
Ingame look: see above
Main canon look: same as ingame look
Late canon look: I’m still figuring that one out


Name: Kim Spectre, the Demon of Akursius Keep (she/it)
Lore: she’s basically an amalgamation of a bunch of ghosts? Not sure how to describe it better. Anyway she just kind of randomly appeared on Akursius Keep one day as a ~13yo with no memories and has been trying to figure out who and what she is ever since. She used to attack anyone who sailed to the island, but eventually was taken in by Nikki and the others when they went to Akursius on a mapping expedition.
Age: ??? (it always looks around 13-14, since ghosts don’t age)
Height: 5’4"
Personality: excitable, curious, clever, somewhat terrifying to be around because she’s just as cheerful talking about murder as she is about birthday presents
Fun fact: she’s the crew’s designated Dark Sea navigator since she’s so well adapted to it. She basically doesn’t get insanity at all until range 4 or 5 and she can see in the dark
Fun fact #2 because I really wanted to share this: she really loves seashells, since there were none on Akursius she thinks they’re the coolest thing ever, she makes seashell jewelry and wears it all the time
Stat build: metal conjurer (I suffer through it ingame for the lore of it)
Abilities: never needs to carry weapons as it simply makes them out of metal whenever it needs to (especially loves making metal claws over its hands), can see very well in the Dark Sea, permanent Warding status effect (so why does it need the Theurgist set? Really, it just thinks the robes are pretty), can hear and sometimes see ghosts before they’re able to physically appear, good at drawing
Ingame look: see above
Main canon look: VERY different from ingame. Thin build, medium-gray skin with shiny silver spots like stars, silver wavy-curly hair that dissipates into smoke at the end of her pigtails (it’s a ghost thing), pink-red eyes, pointed ears, black Theurgist set
Late canon look: basically the same but missing her left hand, she often uses her metal magic to make a replacement for battles


Name: Finn Uroboros (he/him)
Lore: he became a ghost hunter after he heard his dead wife trying to contact him once. I’m working on writing more for him, he was kind of a last-minute addition to the cast because I needed a mentor character for my silly inexperienced bounty hunters
Age: 38
Height: 5’6"
Personality: calm, confident, mysterious
Fun fact: my current idea for his spirit weapon is a floating stone tablet that just kind of hangs out over his shoulder, although that might change once spirit weapons are actually released
Stat build: currently juggernaut, but I’m gonna make him a warden once it comes out
Abilities: whatever wardens are gonna have, I dunno
Ingame look: see above (I haven’t really played on his file at all, sorry)
Main canon look: average build, chainmail armor suit with some metal plating layered overtop, also his eyes glow blue
Late canon look: haven’t figured it out yet

WoM OCs (+ PK OC)


Name: Irenaeus “Ree” (alive name: Micah), the Peacekeeper (they/them)
Lore: literally just what’s in the document plus a few bits I added on
Age: ??? (looks 21-22)
Height: 5’10"
Personality: calm, protective, clever, friendly
Fun fact: their original design was VERY different from their current one, with a fancy bright blue captain’s outfit and completely white hair
Stat build: didn’t really exist back in AA, but their magics are (at the end of the story) poison, a silver/gray version of lightning magic (it’s not different statswise from normal lightning, I just wanted to give them a unique-looking magic), and earth, and they use radius fist
Abilities: magic and FS stuff, great archer, good at improvising with what they have
Ingame look: I’ll add this later if I can find a good screenshot, Arcane Reborn isn’t loading properly for me right now so I’ll need to dig through my old files
Main canon look: muscular build, gray-brown skin with silver spots like stars, chin-length black hair with silver streaks, gray eyes with one pink stripe in each, Midnight Mage set, phoenix gauntlet
Late canon look: dark gray tank top and loose pants, black boots, black cape


Name: Haley Gates (any, prefer she/her)
Lore: WoM MC, I’m working on the rest of it
Age: 16 in story 1, 35 in story 2 + 3
Height: 5’7"
Personality: capable, helpful, confident, charismatic
Fun fact: physically the strongest out of my OCs, not super powerful in terms of magic though
Armed with: poison magic, Oathkeeper (in canon. Really I don’t have anyone to help me trade it over from my other file so it’s stuck in the wrong inventory)
Canon look: muscular build, dyed blue-purple hair, dark brown eyes, heavy armor, basically how she looks ingame


Name: Kai Clay (he/him)
Lore: poor orphan from Ironport, ends up making friends with Cassie after they save each other’s lives. He gets her to use her riches to help out the other orphans Kai was friends with
Age: 15 (story 2 + 3)
Height: 5’5"
Personality: funny and extroverted, but secretly very depressed
Fun fact: his original last name back in WoM1 was Water. He had fire magic and his name was Water
Armed with: fire magic
Canon look: very thin build, dark eyes, brown shirt, white jacket, brown pants


Couldn’t get a screenshot, WoM refused to load her file for some reason (probably bad wifi)

Name: Princess Cassandra “Cassie” Silver (she/her)
Lore: princess of Summer Hold, becomes friends with Kai after accidentally ending up on an adventure together and he teaches her about what life is like without money, she immediately starts helping out as much as possible in any community she can
Age: 19 (story 2 + 3)
Height: 6’1"
Personality: sassy, flirty, friendly
Fun fact: she wasn’t purposefully designed this way, but after drawing her for the first time I realized she looked almost exactly like Icy from Winx Club, which I used to watch CONSTANTLY as a kid
Armed with: ink magic, paper magic (lore only), daggers, bow and arrow
Canon look: thin build, pale skin, white-blonde hair (often either fully bleached or dyed very bright colors), one blue eye and one gray eye, lots of makeup and jewelry on formal occasions, many different outfits


Vega Anchor:

  • Brave and Adventurous; loves going to new places
  • Has a crew but doesn’t manage it super well
  • Warlock
  • Fire magic and Sailor style + Iron leg as fighting styles
  • If he was a mage he would canonically have Sand magic and Light magic
  • Heavier than normal because his sister is practically weightless
  • Hates swimming because of this but it also means he’s super bulky and hard to knock out

Corrina Anchor:

  • Very energetic and cheerful
  • Also fairly lonely but that hasn’t stopped her from getting a crew of her own
  • Very fluffy snow magic and Dense ice magic
  • Mage
  • Weighs 15 pounds total
  • Has the ability to fly because of this
  • Also means her body is super frail meaning she’s very weak to fighting styles or hard magics
  • Originally wanted to be a warlock like Vega, but her lightweight and frail body meant what she wouldn’t be able to do any damage with fighting styles
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