Small Unhinged Rant About Swords

Small Unhinged Rant About Swords
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[I’m NOT proud of this post]

I find it weird that i have never seen someone talk about this yet but…
Vetex .. what were you cooking
I mean, what is this? Why do i hold out a Sword like that??

This does not look good, like, at all… A real shame since the stance for Katana and Greatsword work really well.

You see someone holding a Greatsword, you feel the weight of the weapon. And it has historical backing since that’s one of the traditional stances for Montante or Claymores

Katanas on the other hand throw historical accuracy out of the window. They hold it to the side of the body leaving it completely exposed, almost as if its saying “come at me and you’ll see, i’m more than meets the eyes”. But it looks good.

Now swords? Sword is the worst of both worlds. It is by no means historically accurate, but it also far from looking good on your character.

When i look at a character holding a sword, i see a terrified person that has no idea how to use a sword. They’re holding it in front of them as if it would shield them from the world, but their posture is completely wrong. Why is the body facing 100% straight when you’re one handing a sword??

My suggestion? Just change the idle position to the one katana uses. Not the moveset, not the m1, just the idle pose.

I have one better, but i couldnt describe it to save my life. I’d have to either draw it or go look for it but i dont have enough time rn.

Either way, this is just a rant because that actively pushes me away from using sword.

If you wanna read a suggestion for weapons with actual effort put into it, here’s one.


I swear this is not meant as advertisement for my other post.

I really just hate how my character looks while holding a sword. You can see i have a sunken sword and i actively don’t use it for this sole reason


I just want the ability to pick sheath positions vetex


you see i would use a shield if it’s un-equipped ‘model’ didnt exist on your player character

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Having an unequipped heavy shield makes almost any outfit worse than marine outfit.



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exactly my point

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it sucks because the back shields look pretty good especially with swords and greatswords, but all the good ones go on your arm and its so ugly

Okay, vetex should pull a Deepwoken and add different sword stances. Maybe they could be based off of imbuements, enchants, and/or stats.


Thermo/ardent/high attack speed using a traditionally fast stance, metal/dense/high defense/resistance having a defensive stance, glass/high drawback being aggressive, water/basic combat/unenchanted/well rounded having a simple stance, etc.

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Sounds like a good idea. Though, maybe it could be a bit of a progression, as far as stances go? Or at least a set of two different stances, one for someone who has not invested points into Weapons, which should probably have more of this “terrified person who has little to no clue how to use their weapon” energy, and one for those who have put points into Weapons, which should showcase that they do, in fact, know how to use that weapon. Possibly a third one, where that “I know how to use this, and am not unwilling to” is pushed to a point where it could be considered arrogant.