Suggest a new feature for the game that will instantly make you Public Enemy #1

The thing is, this is actually a unique suggestion, because the actual cooldown after using it 3 times was 20 seconds. So not only are you bringing back an unpopular feature, but you are making it worse.

make it so all deckhand abilities use a “ticket” system you charge by dealing ship dammage. the downside being that you only get like 2-3 tickets from a caravel and you need like 20-30 to activate the max level navigators ability

As a veteran player, I can’t read the words “Tickets” without wanting to cry. Thanks for paining me about days long gone.

Already posted this in bad idea dump, but I thought I’d repost it anyways since this one might also make me the most hunted mf in AO history.

Rework the alchemy system to be more like the alchemy in recent installments of the Atelier franchise (If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry; it’s hella obscure, but fun imo). And as a result, make most if not all tools/items entirely unable to be purchased or found from chests, or dramatically overpriced.

AKA: Oh, you want a fishing rod? Alright, go harvest several chunks of wood, some spider’s webs, and be sure to put in a bunch of flowers or random fruits and shit of the grass and ice elements, then you bring it to a cauldron, and finish as many loops as possible for bonus effects, quality increases, and extra recipes!

? I need the history did I miss something?

we should make AO alchemy like that other alchemy game. the one where you run the apothecary but you add ingredients to manipulate the potion and add water to bring it back to the middle… i forgot the name
ah the game is Potion Craft!

They’re talking about “tix”, a currency back in roblox that used to be the free alternative to robux. It was removed, and I’m not sure if it could still be implemented with how roblox has been.

Nothing really pertaining to the AU, though.

Yeah i had tix (i joined for like the last 3 months of their life)

renting a skyship costs galleons

and destroying it will cost you 500 galleons

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remove notorierety and the renown system entirely, making everyone either neutral or a bad guy

everything breaks and requires something,

your fists will break and you will have to heal them for 12 hours (possibly will never be healed)
weapon will break and you will have to repair them or buy new one
magic expire and you will have to learn how to use it again
your body decay and you have to drink heal potions
potions, food, jewels can expire

What is this, the undead class?

Fall Damage is a thing now

Server announcement upon exiting the dark sea stating which cardinal direction you are coming out of (North,West,South,East)

Better idea: When you exit the dark sea, whoever has the most player kills in the server gets teleported onto your ship.

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also include a marker on every player’s map for a minute that pulses every 2 seconds and pinpoints their exact location, only lasts for a minute (30 pulses) before it disappears so its balancedMeme Sunglasses Png - Sunglasses Thumbs Up Png, Transparent Png ,  Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

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Your files now exist at the same time, and anything taken by one cannot be received by another. For example, only one file can have Edward Kenton or Enzor recruited. Files will advance simultaneously in the story, too, and progress in one progresses the others.

Bosses will also drop their full loadout upon dying, but will not respawn. Thus, only one file can have any individual boss’s items. Also, the game is made singleplayer.

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Ghost npcs on islands can hunt and when they do, your vision gets fogged by black splotches and the ghosts can chase and attack you. Getting hit once by a ghost is instant death. You can file reports for these ghosts and if you guess the type right, you get free galleons for it.

Grand Navy NPCs target those with darker skin. They will prioritize the person with darker skin over others, even if that person has positive renown. Grand Navy members and NPCs now always spawn with 10 fully loaded muskets in their hotbar.

bring back church of iris (idk if anyone else has said this)