Suggest a new feature for the game that will instantly make you Public Enemy #1

People like you should be hunted for sport

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make us be able to kiss people and NPCs

female npcs would run away in fear but male npcs would embrace it (ao players are gay)

give players a luck boost for killing other players

verse 1

You did it. You finally did something that would make everyone try to kill you. PvE players are annoyed that they will get hunted more, and PvP players want the luck from killing you.

and deepwoken already did it :pray: :pray: :pray:

you actually have to train your stats to invest stat points, and they require xp to train. you can only level up after all your stat points are invested cough cough deepwoken cough cough

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shit if deepwoken’s bad look at arcane lineage

you gotta eradicate several species of monster to get enough gold for ONE superclass move, shit’s fucked

To add immersion and give death more consequence, you are now forced into another server upon death. Nothing else, no extra galleon or item loss, but you can’t rejoin the original server.

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if you run out of servers then what

you gotta stop playing for the day

just like the chimes of conflict

holy shit you’re right.
Deepwoken was the source of the ultimate Public Enemy #1 suggestion that wouldn’t get someone fucking banned.

its crazy too because they removed that mechanic in verse 2


Got a new one:

If a clan has an island claimed on a server and you don’t, you lose infamy every time they gain it. If a clan has more islands overall then your clan, you gain less infamy.

when you get assassinated or executed you get wiped from the game
this would add risk to playing as hero :+1:

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When you use a strength technique scroll you must do certain exercises that the scroll says and send a video to Vetex of you doing the exercises and spell scrolls require you to do a complicated math problem which you need to send a pic of you doing

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Your character can’t swim

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Add Decaying Winter mechanics to the game

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