Suggest a new feature for the game that will instantly make you Public Enemy #1

It was probably said before a thousand times but ADD MORE EYE COLOR.

One of the best level and sountrack of the game

Everytime you move, your inventory gets wiped

better yet: whenever you die your healthbar gets rusty, if you die with a rusty healthbar you get sent into the dark sea and have to navigate out. if you level up with a rusty healthbar you get your normal healthbar back and if you navigate out you get your normal healthbar back. if you die in the dark sea you perma die
also you lose half your unequipped items upon death


And when you perma die you get banned from your device

roblox cant do that

the suggestion has to be at least a third good and you failed


You have a limited number of lives, determined by a random roll at the start of the game. You are given no information on this roll—nor do you know the result. It can be 3 lives, it can be 70; you don’t know. Dying causes you to lose a life. The number of lives you have can be altered. When your lives are determined, the game also selects a set number of activities, and sets each to have a random chance of giving you a life.

PVP kills will always grant lives, but the victim will lose extra lives if they were in the process of performing an activity that would grant them lives.

you can only tell how many lives you have through a specific npc located on the very northeasternmost brick of the pelion rift

freedrock but you are shit

add a window of about 6 frames to reflect any projectile with a bladed weapon M1

Your character’s base magic is now determined by gacha and costs robux to reroll

Add a paid battle pass to the game

Chaos Orbs (Def not stolen from Path of Exile)

Chaos Orbs are purplish-oily orbs that can be rarely found raining down in the dark sea. You can collect these orbs by using your boat as a basin, or if you are lucky, them landing on an island. If you or your ship gets hit, it will cause 30-40% of current health damage. COs will give you or your ship temporary stat buff or debuff (more health, more speed, less size) to be applied.

If applied to armor or ship attachments, it will give them a random stat distribution ranging from an 1/4 of an exotic scroll to atleast 5x of an exotic scroll. It can add or remove any stat from the armor. Unlike atlantean essence, you can apply these orbs as much as you like and does not remove its modifier statuses. Modified stats will be rerolled but will not go down its mininum and will not be removed. Chaos Orbs can make all min-maxxers like me mald and rejuvenate the crafting market by selling blasted titanium armor with every sub stat at 100.

Haephestus’ Forge

Haephestus’ Forge is a golden anvil that can be found on the Insanity 2 range of the dark sea like golden cauldrons and cooking pots. These can be mostly found in ruined town islands, but can be rarely found anywhere. These anvils can give armor a randomized modifier like blasted or crystallized. Armors with a modifier can either have their existing modifier be boosted 2x, another modifier on top of it, or have their modifiers be rerolled again to something else. Can be used 5 times.

holy shit shadow cursed scrolls from vesteria except they don’t destroy armour

Oh yes I love this! Stat go brr and number go up

you have a chance of choking while eating in AO

when you eat chunky food you have a random chance of choking and you will die if someone doesnt do the heimlich maneuver on you

wait, should it be eating chunky/big food or eating fast