The Current State of Conjurer

There’s definitely a few factors here that make it feel a lot weaker than others. Right now I’m in the process of building one, and I’m realizing how expensive it is to make.

Mainly, balancing out abilities is rough. Since you aren’t a minmax, you need to choose a solid spread (150/100 or 100/150) and then build around said spread.
That means:
-obtaining the best power-boosting armor and accessories
-leveling your gear to 120+
-enchanting all of your gear to strong / bursting (including all weapons and armor you plan on using)

All of this costs a lot, and naturally makes getting one of these builds harder. Also, your lower damage means you need to focus into a squishier build.

120/130 is also a good option if you want a more balanced spread.

There is also the fact that in most cases… Your imbuement is more of a nerf to your damage than a buff…

Most magics have a lower than 1x DMG multiplier. This means that your damage will be nerfed if you imbue it.

The fact that the other magic stats are also ‘negatively’ inherited by your imbuement also makes it a problem. Since if your magic is a slow and hard hitting one, your damage might not be nerfed due to your 1x damage multiplier, but your size and speed most likely will get nerfed.

In the end, there are very few magics where you don’t get nerfed in one way or another by using your Imbuement.

Sure, there are synergies with your inflicted status effects… But most of them seem to be bugged right now.

Also, if you get a magic that deals bleed DoT, your magic bleed and the bleed your weapon already inflict won’t be stacked. One of them will just disappear lol

100%. The post I made assumes you are working with a conjuror synergistic magic;
Pretty much Poison, Magma, Light, Acid, Earth, Metal, or maybe glass. That’s it.

I mention this explicitly because these elements all provide something; especially knowing that magic-exclusive DOT effects (Acid, Magma, Poison) scale with the damage of the attack; and two of the three gain damage from bleeding targets. A good combination. Pretty sure glass gets a bonus against bleed too, but the context is questionable.

Earth has a 1.0 multiplier so it keeps the same damage, except now you get more tools; and metal has above a 1.0 (I forgot to which extent) so you straight up gain damage on your attacks.

Lastly, light eliminates your startup on attacks. It’s effectively swiftness inherent to your magic; the only reason it’s unviable is the magic itself being trash.

Otherwise, you only lose rather than gain from a lot of magics. Plasma’s the worst though.

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But in all seriousness though

  • Reset my conjurer’s stats, become a mage for better synergies
  • Reset my stats, become a warlock and find something that works there (even if I have two warlocks already)
  • Reset my stats and become something else (please reply)
  • Stay as conjurer

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I’m honestly considering doing exactly that when the next patch arrives… Just giving up on conjurers.

Either that or just giving up on magic entirely and going berserker/warrior or something.

Even if in the end, they end up being ‘somewhat’ balanced (assuming you pick one of the few good magics for a conjurer… unlike glass), you FEEL much worse than you would with other classes.

After all, your awakening doesn’t give you anything special. Your imbuement is almost a joke… -_-

Honestly, I’d just say push through with it. If, and whenever it does, Arcanium Weapons come out it will become a major boon to us. I plan on holding out and hopefully I’m and others who do so are rewarded for such.

Our redemption. It will take a long while but when Arcanium Weapons arrive, I hope conjurers get some well needed love.

I don’t fee llike conjurer is underpowered at all it depends a lot on builds though if you have a lot of synergy its gonna be a lot better if you have no synergy not as good but still pretty much balanced
TLDR it all depends on your build it could go from ok and to really good almost never busted though
Also no damage is compareable to mage’s thats why mage in general is getting a bunch of nerfs

True… Mages are much above the curve rn, so they shouldn’t be used as an example to compare damage.

Although, I just feel that Conjurer’s awakening, the imbuement could be better, you know? Not necessarily a buff, but at least make it so it doesn’t actively nerf your damage and stats.

I keep hearing people saying ‘Conjurers need to learn how to uninbue their weapons’. But that would honestly just say for conjurers to stop using their awakening…