The Devil’s Swordsman | Part 3

The Devil’s Swordsman - Part 3
A World of Magic Story

“Sammy, Danny, you guys have to run. Hide somewhere where you’ll both be safe and I’ll catch up after I get these bandits with their bows.” The mysterious man then made a hand signal for them to go.

“First off, it’s Danny and Sammy, there’s a difference. Second off, it would just be unfair to save us twice. I’m sure we can help out!”

Sammy then turned to Danny. “We couldn’t even hoard off bad guys yet you expect me to fight those guys off. I think you might need to go see a doctor Big Brother. As for me, I’m outta here!” Sammy then began to run away then followed by Danny.

The mysterious figure then reached inside of the top opening of his cloak, bringing out a long sword with a purple handle. Near the top of the handle, rings could be shown connecting to each other.

As soon as he was ready, the man leaped forward towards the bandits. The bandits then began to draw their bows and fire as rapidly as they could. As they fired, the figure then sliced each arrow that flew towards his way.

After a couple seconds, the man had reached the wall of bandits and started to attack them individually with his blade. Once finished, he turned around to see another group of bandits surround him in a semi-circle formation.

“There’s no way, I recognize that fighting style from anywhere. Do you think it’s him?”

Another bandit responded to the other. “There’s no way it’s him, it can’t be the legendary-” The bandit then suddenly was knocked back into the wall behind him.

The figure then turned around and felt a hot blast fly past him hitting one of the bandits in the face. The woman bandit then yelled out in suffering pain.

“It can’t be… not this quickly…” the mysterious figure whispered. Bandits in the background then started to try and aid to the bandits that were hit. More blasts were then hurled out at them with multiple different magics. “It’s the Magic Council…”

Edit: Part 4 is here and it’s pretty longer then usual. Thanks for reading!