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Tuesday, May 10, 2022 (US)

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Sound Magic!

Korok Forest

From Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Click the link while holding “ctrl” to open the music on a new tab!


The Hook!

Hey, this is Cryonical, your least favorite forumer :+1:! You’re too kind! Well, this time, you might notice it’s quite a smaller gap between anchors! That’s because i’m trying to get back on my “every 3-5” days schedule (which will never happen :sleeper:).

I’ve hesitated a bit though due to the lack of content. But I think there’s enough now :mariomug:! Let’s not waste any more time. It’ll be a shorter one, that’s for sure!

First, we can see our brand shiny new version of 1.9.41, which finally puts an end to that long Cernunno Storyline. And it ends with a bang as well, with a brand new boss :poggers2:

This incredibly notable individual has a 1/9 chance that upon being KO’d, will grant the player one of 4 different items. Even though they don’t have variations, they sure will look drippy… Cernunno will definitely be a hot-spot for all these accessories :eyes:! I’ll show you what these are later on!

“Why do you say that?”, you ask? Well, that’s because of the cultist drops! Want to know why that’s being shared with you? Take a look :drumroll:…

That’s right. There’s a brand new page on Information & Ideas which gives us every boss drop in the game, their upgradeability, and the chances of them dropping from each respective foe :boom:! And just kidding, we’re not going to look at the cultists immediately. We’re going to sneak back to the beginning first.

I don’t believe anything here is new until after Iris, in which we see the sky boss’s drops! We got to see some of their appearances in a leak quite a long time ago :nod:.

These items have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping and can be upgraded all the way to level 160. Since they start at level 60, that’s 100 levels of upgrading :money_bag:!

He drops his Ravenna noble armor and boots, a collared cape, and a shroud, which all have 16 color variations! It seems they certainly have a worthy wardrobe :mariomug:! And they even own 3 different weapons, which are a spear, dual cutlasses, and a bow. Will these weapons eventually have unique names? Only time will tell!

Real quick, here’s some pirate drops…

I definitely won’t be going through all of those, but you can certainly look for yourself :nod:. But what I will be showing you are the cultist drops! These rather insane individuals have a ⅙ chance to yield loot when defeated.

These are their cowl, faulds, robe, boots, and staff. They all drop at level 60 and are upgradeable all the way to 110. You can now become the cultist :sleeper:!

And it’s time for their big boss, whose name is still undisclosed! Once again, they have a 1/9 chance to drop something, and the upgradeability of their possessions are equal to that of the sky boss’s :thinking:. He can drop his sleeveless robe, boots, faulds, and his amulet. They’re all super neat :ok_hand:!

Finally, we have a whole ton of bug fixes. I won’t post them here, but the most notable one reveals that the new boss has an aura, which manifests itself in the boss’s equally notable second phase :eyes:!

And finally…

Enjoy being just a bit less in debt :joy: Just kidding, debt doesn’t exist in AO. But that can always change. Jokes aside, those are some pretty helpful changes that make improving your ship, weapons, and armor just a bit easier :+1:.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!


On Topic!

Trigno and Romulus’s Adventures in a Sushi Shop and a Clothing Mall

By @BNTarwarn

Today, BNT decided to do something a little different. So they teamed up with @JTN and… well, you can imply based on the title of this topic :frhigh:. It turns out that Trigno and Romulus can create quite the mayhem and fun. Some pretty funny images there, I suggest you check it out :v:!


Arcane Art!


Purple Lightning Swordsman

By @Ecilion

Here, we get a glimpse of Ecilion’s spark of imagination. Can someone laugh? Anyone :sob:? But seriously, you should take a look at this… NOW! It’s already managed to rack up 33 likes in just 2 days, and I can definitely see why. Is that a lightning-infused Oathkeeper in his hand :flushed:? Super dope.


Writing Wizardry!

“Shall we run away together?”

By @logan

This is perhaps the best writing i’ve seen on the forums… seems like a prologue for a novel! The imagery, plot, and storytelling are completely spot on, and all sum up into a poetic piece :fire:. This is something you’ll want to read; you won’t want to say no! A bright romance flickering and fading into the darkest of fates… the end gives me chills.


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was nobody! Take the L!

The answer was… ”Redwake”!

You open the chart, and it reads…

What shark spawns in whirlpools?

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


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The Arcane Lily

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading! :+1:


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