ngl, nobody would be mad if u took the time to do the animations for them, this feature is just disappointing, u did make it sound way better


does spiraling furys not work for katana/sword? its just an outstretched hand right

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would you consider making animations for skills that make sense on other weapons (e.g, sparrow thrust for thrusting weapons) in the future or is that off the table?

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remember that you’re also having to deal with double the weapon level being added to the stat requirement, sparrow thrust on sunken staff would have a 290 requirement so it’s nowhere near the realm of possibility for hybrids or savants right now
heck, it’s not even possible for warriors yet

oh so then what old is regular requirements, and then iron are double that? how does that work?

i dont seem to understand

take the weapon’s level, double it
that’s the base stat requirement, which the skill requirement is added to

so a 30 requirement skill on a level 50 weapon is 130 total requirement, 50 times 2 is 100 plus the 30 from the skill

but then wouldn’t rising tide be 200?

(level x 2)+skill requirement?

(50 x 2) = 100 + 100 = 200

we don’t know what the actual requirements on notes would be, the numbers on the table are just the minimum possible requirements for current requirements

that being said this change will make some skills inaccessible to hybrids for a little while because of how things are changed to work

Might be a dumb ask but screw it.

Wouldn’t re-using other skills anims work?
Multishot for Piercing shot (Flintlock)
Quickdraw for Piercing shot (Bow)
stuff like that

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Limited as this may be, it’s still a buff to weapons. It could be better, I admit, but it’s something. Besides, weapons were already in a pretty decent spot from what I’ve seen.

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Can’t you use animations for some weapons on other ones?

understandable that you wouldn’t want to do all of that right now but does that mean that this is how skills will be transferable forever or will it be updated with new animations to make them compatible later?

ya, i do profit out of it, but my god do i not have the urge to just make a post with me making the AO animations mirrored