The OLEG Investigation and Evidence Archive

In christianity, we aren’t actually supposed to even be around athiests because we could turn into athiests ourselves, but I have a lot of athiest friends ;-;(and I’m still a believer)
Oh, well. It’s hard to find a perfect friend anyway.

I would happen to have the Bible at home, but already know quite a bit about Christianity and that atheism is looked down upon to a pretty big degree.

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Add this one as well

very interesting…

OLEG either has issues or is an alien of outer space.

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This chat has some stalker issues

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Why oleg is still not banned


he might know the limits of the forums

hm… , say poop and pee every time don’t looks like a normal limiti.

limits like legit NSFW on the forum which he will NOT post

I mean before we form some biased hate mob against the guy he didn’t technically break any Forum rules or ToS yet so albeit an extremely odd individual, he’s innocent technically.

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