The OLEG Investigation and Evidence Archive

This is the compendium for all the information regarding the enigma @OLEG and the phenomena surrounding the creature.
We don’t know what he is, nor what his purpose here on the forums is, but we’ll find out, one day.
If you would like to discuss the OLEG conspiracy, go to the linked post below, as this current post is meant for archiving purposes:

(For legal reasons, I have to clarify that we’re not going to doxx OLEG or anything like that, we’re just investigating the fella)


Gimme a sec, I’m gonna make a reply containing all of his previous messages

No investigate me I’m much weirder


oleg is just some dude who has a feet kink

and a piss kink now that I think about it


And a severe attraction for lady Carina

Every Message from OLEG until January 16th, 2023 WIP

The First Appearance and Message
More Evidence
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This is his current account banner

I think oleg is an alien trying to understand our humor


He is a being from another realm, attempting to understand human conversation and humor.

We do not know the true reasoning or motive behind his campaign, but it is very likely not something that will benefit us. We must stop him.

I have found his discord account:
OLEG#1628 (Discord ID: 327504847194816522)
His discord account was made on June 22nd, 2017
He joined the Vetcord on June 26th, 2020, and currently has, at the time of writing this, 7190 messages there. OLEG also seems to be muted in that server.
Oleg is also in the Countless Worlds discord, and has 59 messages there.

His Roblox Account seems to be neoteo98vvb

@OLEG is either an alien or an extremely peculiar human being.

If that is his actual RBLX acct then we’re gonna have to keep an EXTREMELY close eye on him, found this in his favorites:

(Though DW is a popular thing on the forum)

who the hell is oleg
every photo that gets posted on these threads are blank and don’t contain anything


he probably a rker at AO

New Quote, 2 hours ago


Reverse image searched, his PFP is from this Russian Youtuber:

His Discord Account’s About Me is also in Russian, so I assume Oleg is Russian as well.
Also, he has level 25 in the vetcord???

He seems to regularly update his status on the forums. Yesterday, it said “Tomorrow”, but now it says “pee”.

Yall tracking his whole address and location at this point what the hellll :skull:

Their profile picture is pozzi (Popular russian Youtuber)
The chad body on his pfp is some meme
It’s obvious that their profile picture is made in photoshop
And possibly they are russian.

Result: russian human with pozzi-chad pfp with weird humor

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