The ultimate rare to crown value list 😎

Do NOT use this to determine values of items in real trading, you will look pretty stupid saying that a exiled helmet is worth the same as an oathkeeper since “elment said so!!”

Now it’s time for this astonishingly painstaking mathematics algebra geometry area51 area30 skunk juice crown conversion list of all the rares! (with fish too!)

The chance for a sunken item is 1/2,000 that means you will have to fish 2,000 times, so assuming the time for 1 cast is 10~30 sec, 10 x 2000 = 20,000 (333 hrs and 20 mins) and 30 x 2000 = 60,000 (10,000 hrs) which means it will take you 20,000 - 60,000 mins to get ANY sunken, so now you get 52,000 crowns in an hour which means (52,000 x 333) + (2,600 x 6) + (866 x 2) = 17,333,332 and 52,000 x 1000 = 52,000,000. That means that the crown value of any random drop would be:
17,333,332~52,000,000 crowns.

And since I’m too lazy to do the math of the specific chance it’s basically just tims four so:

69,333,328~208,000,000 crowns.

I’ve already done em so, exiled specific drop chance:
216,666~433,332 crowns.
And minotaur specific drop chance:
174,200~348,400 crowns.

uh yeah if you want any drop chance divide by like 4 or 40 idk

(To see them in more detail: Exiled specific drop, Minotaur specific drop)

Fish and Junk
Fish first, not gonna bother doing common fish and uncommon fish cuz ew. The chance of catching a rare fish is 1/30, so you will have to fish 30 times to get a rare fish, so 10 x 30 = 300 (5 hrs) and 30 x 30 = 900 (15 hrs), now 52,000 x 5 = 260,000 and 52,000 x 15 = 780,000

But we’re not done, the chance of getting a giant fish is 12.5% so the chance of getting a giant variant of a rare fish is 0.00375% or 3 in 800 which means 800 catches needed for a giant variant of a rare fish, so 10 x 800 = 8,000 (133 hrs 20 mins) and 30 x 800 = 24,000 (400 hrs) so (52,000 x 133) + (2,600 x 6) + (866 x 2) = 6,933,332 and 52,000 x 400 = 20,800,000

And we’re STILL not done! The chance of getting a gold variant of a fish is 1/30 or 3% so that means the chance of getting a gold variant of a rare fish is 0.0009 or 9/10,000 that means you will have to fish 10 thousand times to catch a legendary fish, now 10 x 10,000 = 100,000 (1,666 hrs 40 mins) and 30 x 10,000 = 300,000 (5,000 hrs), so (52,000 x 1,666) + (2,600 x 13) + 866 = 86,666,666 and 52,000 x 5,000 = 260,000,000

The chance of getting junk is the same as getting a rare fish, so it’s the same price.

Finally it is done!! Here are all the prices.
Any piece price:
17,333,332~52,000,000 crowns.
Specific drop price:
69,333,328~208,000,000 crowns.

Specific drop chance:
216,666~433,332 crowns.

Specific drop chance:
174,200~348,400 crowns.

Fish n’ Junk

Legendary fish:
86,666,666~260,000,000 crowns.

Giant Rare Fish

Rare fish/junk:

And that concludes it! I could’ve detailed this even more but simply too much work.
This took around 2 hours or something to make idk


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