The Updated AO and Vetex Iceberg

I already added this earlier.


@Gamer_Doge716 You should add this too

Three new entries; Crew NPC Name Glitch, Epicenter Badge Bug, and Flower Dress Legs Glitch.

this ones wrong, the bug was being able to see party members’ markers deep in the dark sea

Nah the badge was also bugged and wouldn’t be given

so, if you had a savant which had 149 vitality before the nimbus part 1 update, it’s now a warden
(I think that only happens before you’ve awakened, but I’m not sure)

also if you spend stat points as a warden into other stats and rejoin, they just get refunded for some reason
it happened to me :>

I’m confused, do I just merge all of these things into a single entry??

the badge bug was fixed before the deletion, the bug that caused the deletion was the one i mentioned

Added a very, very missable detail from Argos’ model. (Argos’ Four Eyes)


New entry (Unexplained Nightmare Brig Glitch).

See the original thread for this entry here.

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oh yea for context on the first couple seconds on the clip, I had been trying to farm for rivals and was messaging the other person in the server who’s rival had spawned instead of mine 4 times in a row and had just spawned again (a metal/earth boxing warlock).

every single time on windrow.

after I got the clip and I defeated their rival one more time, my rival spawned… which was followed by me going back to my ship just to see it pop out of existence for no apparent reason while I was on the ship walking over to get the bounty poster for my rival, which is the point where I gave up and left.

my ship didn’t fling me or anything the second time, it was just gone and I fell straight into the water.

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New entry (Grimoire of the Snow Witch).

I’ve also noticed that the Iceberg has surpassed 200 entries! Now that is a lot of obscure knowledge about some magic lego game.


how is this common knowledge

Did I miss something big on the forums? Am I stupid?

I’m guessing it’s common knowledge cause potion effects are shown on the catalysts and regents

I’ve seen quite a few links to the document floating around the forums
it’s also on the gear builder website

New entry (Admiral Agnis Easter Egg).

something interesting


julian has grey eyes now instead of green apparently
Warren is Inferno curse user, Real Evidences

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If I had a nickel for every entry on the iceberg about a very subtle detail on an NPC’s eyes, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice. Right?

(New entry, Julian Eye Color change.)