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I’ve made a few remarks to how I believe my characters would act under certain situations, and a couple of you may have noticed that I actually quite want to talk about them. So, I’ve decided that enough is enough, and after seeing this post:

I started writing. I started writing a lot. So, I’ve decided to turn it into its own topic and post the very end covering their deaths in the original thread.

So, here it is,



Andronico Shield and Klaus Booth escaped from the Order base along with Morden together. Through plot convenience, both of them were struck with amnesia. Andronico can use magma, Klaus can use ice. As Andronico furthers his focus and control on magic, Klaus takes some interest in weaponry, so they end up as a mage and a conjurer. Through their travels, they meet Ronan Stillwater, an iron leg berserker who travels with them time to time, and becomes part of their adventures every once and a while as a result.

Andronico Shield is the oldest of the bunch, but also happens to get hotheaded from time to time. To no one’s surprise, he befriended Iris pretty quickly due to this. Who would’ve thought that a lot of heat mages are short-tempered, right? He never backs away from his beliefs, and he’ll go to great lengths to follow them, even to his expense. He seems very fond of Redwake, and he can’t seem to figure out why.

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Klaus Booth is also true to his beliefs, striving to do what’s right while trying to find his past. He wants to find whoever turned him, Andronico, Morden, and Tucker into lab rats and bring them to justice. He’s aware that this journey will filled with hardship, and likely regret, but he’s okay with that, and it takes a lot to truly anger him, anyway. He often spars with Edward Kenton, who’s the main source of his information on weaponry and how to weild it. He feels at home with the icy peaks of Frostmill Island.

Ronan Stillwater’s an eccentric sort of fellow, Andronico and Klaus met him trying to spark conversation with Estrid all the way back in Redwake. He speaks with an odd accent similar to the barkeeper in Sailor’s Lodge, and doesn’t seem too interested in the study of anything other than martial arts. He’s very loyal to his new friends, though, and enjoys hearing their stories whenever he gets to see them. He comes from Shell Island, and later learns the ways of the sailor through Caria.

The Story

The story mostly plays out as normal through their travels. Ronan departs to Shell Island after their work in Frostmill is done, they meet Warren, climb the Stepstones, step into the Myriad, learn of the Order, defeat Elius, and so on. They form a great team together, and when they’re with Ronan, they’re practically unstoppable. They all showed up at the Forest of Cernunno at one point, and Cernyx stood no chance.

However, throughout their journeys, Andronico has doubt planted into his head. As they hear Edward’s story of desertion and find themselves in the fort of the largest kingdom in the Bronze Sea, his trust in practically any kingdom begins to drain. “Is anywhere truly safe? How will this play out?” He wonders to himself as he and Klaus run across Mount Caesar, unaware as to the glass comet of a man hurtling towards them.

All starts to crumble once they awake at the Eternal Mines. As they slave away, Andronico grows more and more pessimistic in his views. Why are they even here? This place isn’t meant for people like them. Yet, here they are, locked in chains, unable to do anything but walk and gnaw away at rock for ages on end with a dull pickaxe. The Bronze Legion should be able to see what’s wrong here, so why don’t they do anything about it? Of course. It’s not that they’re unaware. They just don’t care. Why would they, when they’re not the ones locked in chains? Why would they, when the genocide of another kingdom entirely seems justified to them? It’s all to clear to him. The people are his enemy, too.

He even begins to lose respect for Klaus, who’s just too forgiving to understand that these people are evil. Once they’re out, they defeat Calvus together, sure, but things go differently this time. Andronico doesn’t hesitate to end Calvus’s life. Once all was said and done, shooting a jet of magma through his throat seemed easy to him. Later, when Revon confronts the gang, Klaus’s explanation is interrupted by Andronico leaping in to physically beat the shit out of Revon DESPITE BEING A MAGE. Klaus is dumbfounded as Andronico tells Revon his brother deserved death with no remorse in his voice whatsoever, and they escape Ravenna, with much less of a sense of victory than they were expecting.

Klaus is disgusted with what Andronico’s become, Morden’s wondering what the hell happened to his old friend, Iris, being a Ravennean (remember that?), suddenly finds herself kind of uncomfortable around him, and Neviro’s become bothered by Andronico’s ramblings of justice.

Once they get jumped by the bandits, Andronico holds back by a factor of 0 and obliterates them. He’s damn near about to end the lives of the two running away until Klaus finally steps up and tells him to STOP. Andronico’s lost respect for him makes itself clear as it eventually turns into an all-out fight, wildfires are made, ponds turn frozen, Alpha nearly gets involved, shit’s FUCKED. Klaus is being utterly outclassed by the unending torrent of magma, too, until Ronan shows up and realizes something is deeply wrong. He finds out quickly that Andronico’s changed for the worst, and he begins his assault. Oddly enough, Ronan kicks Andronico’s ass, rarely ever giving the glass cannon an opportunity to attack. The battle settles, and Andronico’s pissed. He yells to everyone that they don’t understand a thing about this world, that they’re too tolerant, too naive, too ignorant, and that HE will be the one to DESTROY the Order of Aesir and all of the kingdoms it serves, and as Klaus tries to tell him that he’s utterly wrong, he lets out a yell of rage and leaves an explosion of magma as he dashes away.

He lands on Ronan’s boat, threatens the crew members to get off, and departs from Wind-row Island. I suppose Ronan’s travelling with Klaus for a while longer now. After the commotion, Warren arrives to the scene, learns what happened, informs Klaus and Ronan about Keraxe. After losing his friend, Klaus is disheartened, but Ronan reminds him of his promise to himself, and they set off. Ronan achieves awakening through meditation alone, Klaus earns it through Poseidon, and Andronico obtains his awakening through… uh… I dunno, maybe he tried fighting one of those NPCs with 2000 health and a meta build and he awakens at the brink of death, or something. He learns Fire Magic.

Klaus, Ronan, Morden, Iris, and Neviro continue the story together until Ronan can get his boat back. Throughout the story, Klaus and Andronico still find themselves needing to work together time to time to bring down their foes, but still end up in clashes with each other equally as much. Eventually, though, the storyline ends.

The End
So, assuming the MC doesn’t die in the end of the story, Andronico’s too far gone, he’ll destroy anyone challenging his views. The Grand Navy, kingdoms, bounty hunters, heroes, hell, he still sees wanted criminals as scum, so he’ll turn them and Syndicate assassins to ash, too. His ideals have turned to insanity, and Klaus decides that the entire War Seas are at stake. So, one day, he intercepts Andronico, and challenges him to a duel, far into the Dark Sea, where no one, not even their crews, will interfere. They will end this, once and for all.

Andronico agrees. The last thing about Klaus he holds respect for is his strength, and once he’s gone, his vision for the War Seas will follow not long after. So, they travel. They tell their quartermasters and crew members to make their way back, and to not return until they can sense that one of them is gone. So, they leave.

The battle of fire and ice rages on for days, similar to many of the battles between titans before them. Just like Wind-row Island, wildfires are made, and ponds are frozen, but unlike Wind-row, entire islands go up in flames, thousands upon thousands of galleons worth of riches are melted away, the ocean around them is either colder than Antarctica, or hotter than Venus, volcanoes rise from the depths of the ocean below them, and the tsunamis turn into miniature Frostmills.

But there can only be one true winner. And that man is Klaus Booth. Cauterized holes in his flesh and burns covering his body, he looks down to the body of Andronico Shield, covered in scars, bruises, stab wounds, and a final, deep slash across his chest. A ghost rises from the body. A ghost that, to Klaus, is a sight for his sore, sore eyes. The ghost seems so much more familiar than the man he just fought. The ghost stands silently, waiting for Klaus’s realization to set in. Soon enough, it does. His wounds aren’t survivable, not at all. He knows this well now, but he’s okay with that. He’s completed his goals, and he’s by his old friend at the end of it all. He lets himself sit down, and the ghost sits beside him. They have a final conversation as they await Klaus’s death.

Their ships finally arrive to battlefield. One of them has Ronan Stillwater on board. They arrive to the now inactive volcanoes, the ashen remains of islands, and the cold deadness of the ice, crumbling away as they travel closer to the final resting place. The ghosts are gone. The crews and quartermasters stand in a somber silence of respect for the two prodigies, and decide that the bodies should be left the way they are. They both make their way back to the War Seas.

Ronan Stillwater became a voyager for a long while to tell the tale of the final battle. Once all was said and done, though, he’d return to Shell Island, continuing to serve as its protector, and always eager to retell the stories told to and experienced by him to any of the village’s children. Once his time had come, he felt just as complete as Klaus did. He didn’t need to die a hero’s death. He was satisfied with what he’d lived and told.


Ah, thank god, it’s over. I love writing, but this took so many hours of my day. I hope anyone reading it thinks its cool, even if the actual end of the game makes what I wrote impossible.

that being said, hey, @Crimsonpants, you like writing, too, right? could you check this out?

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oh, shit, forgot to make a terrible joke here

“Looks like we’re at the end of our journey, then, eh?”
“Absolutely. One of magic, weaponry, justice, war, and all inbetween. An arcane odyssey.”
“I suppose so. What do you think happens after this?”
“We’ll see soon enough. I’m not too optimistic for myself, though.”
“Well, that’s just surprising, isn’t it?”
. . .
“I’ve been dying to talk with my old friend for so long now, 'Dronico. I’m glad I could. But my eyelids are feeling heavier than ever right now, and for once the ground’s become comfy. I’ll be taking a nap here.”
. . .
“Goodbye, Andronico Shield.”
As Klaus shuts his eyes, his body becomes perfectly still. The roaring thunder around them comes to a close as a glimmer of blue from the sky shines through the clouds above him. The chaos of the Dark Sea transforms into a frozen beauty for a brief moment.
" . . . Farewell, Klaus Booth."
The ghost fades away.

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ronan’s a pretty odd name for a shell islander since i’m pretty sure their names are a lot more unique than that but i’ll go for it anyway

also in case you couldn’t tell by the point i get to ronan, andronico is from redwake (redwoken?) and klaus is from frostmill (frostmillian?)

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