Titans. The Silent Watchers of the Arcane Universe

**Titans- In the lore it’s stated most of the gods were killed in the 100 year war. And in official Greek mythology. It’s commonly agreed that most of the Titans weren’t killed, they were imprisoned in specific jails. Such as the Koios, Iapetus, Krios, and Hyperion. The rulers of the North, East, South, and West (In that order) along with Kronos, ruler of time, and Oceanus, ruler of the ocean. And also including Atlas. Who was imprisoned carrying the metaphorical symbol of the Sky and Earth from meeting or else the world would be crushed. So he’s probably counted out. Thing is, they were never officially killed. They could still be imprisoned.
I think its a pretty cool possibility. Probably not for AO since Vetex and Tech have already probably decided the lore for the game. But honestly this idea interests me a lot.

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I personally think they do play a part in the lore

Where does it say that?

From Wikipedia
When they tried to mount heaven. When they tried to mount heaven, Zeus with the help of Athena, Apollo, and Artemis, cast them headlong into Tartarus. On Atlas, who had been their leader, he put the vault of the sky; even now he is said to hold up the sky on his shoulders."

From Brittanica
Zeus and his brothers and sisters finally defeated the Titans after 10 years of fierce battles (the Titanomachia). The Titans were then hurled down by Zeus and imprisoned in a cavity beneath Tartarus.

Hesiod’s Works and Days preserves the idea of the Titans as the golden race, happy and long-lived. The notion developed further under the Romans—who identified Cronus with Saturn—into a golden age of peace and prosperity.

They were imprisoned in Tartarus. Meaning we could somehow venture there.
Again never actually confirmed dead. Sure it may not be “100% accurate” but then again this is a fairy tale game about magic circles that shoot magma, light, water, earth and burning red gummies gives gods more power and the most powerful magic is white fire which can “take the properties of other magics” Instead of the most powerful magic being something more abstract like “Holy, Hell, Motherfucking TIME”

Just saying nitpicking this is a wee bit hypocritical. It’s totally fine if you don’t like the idea. I myself don’t really believe it has any chance of happening. But just a tad bit strange this is what you’re especially paying attention to.

Yeah often times, in the stories I hear, they were just imprisoned

There are some confirmed kills though, Chronos is “gone, reduced to atoms”, Prometheus is dead in Arcane, and through butterfly effect on the event of Prometheus giving human magic instead of fire, the titans’ fate is very unknown right now


Which is exactly my point on this. It’s pretty much untouched so it would be nice to see any lore bombs on this. Could reveal a lot.

@Betex is too cringe to ever try this out :frpensive:

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I’m 80% sure tech hinted that they did exist, but I know for sure all of the actual gods have died


There may be a chance that persephone could be alive. In greek mythology Hades had taken persephone from her mother. A bunch of other things later hades made an agreement that persephone could be with her mother for 3 months (or something like that) Depending the date of when olympus fell, persephone may be alive with hades or dead with the other gods.

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Titan sussy

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