Trading and PvPing Center In-Game (IDEA)

Random killing is a problem in every game, yet it has a simple, easy fix.

Trading over a website instead of in-game leads to a lot of miscommunication and time-consuming, slow deals.

I have a fix for both of these issues, not only will it make the game re-playable, it’ll allow newer and younger players to enter the aspects of trading and PvPing rather than making these two, in my opinion, essential features, be outside of the actual game.

Battle Hub
I’ve been playing World of Magic for a long time, and I can accurately say, as can others, that random killing is a huge problem in WoM. Even me, the person trying to fix RKing in this post, sometimes RK’s due to there being a lack/unclear way to PvP!

Problems (PvP-wise)

No clear way to PvP
Hard to PvP someone who actually WANTS to PvP, requires server-hopping or setting up a time with friends on Discord to PvP
Players get bored and find killing as a way to cure boredom, causes RKing and may cause lower level players or new players to leave due to RKing

Add Battle Hub

Open menu, click Hubs, enter Battle Hub.

Battle Hub definition: a place to PvP other players (ranked or for fun) 

A battle hub will greatly reduce RK and allow those who WANT to PvP, to go and fight others who ALSO want to PvP. Instead of having to set up a time to PvP with friends over Discord, you can enter AO, go into the Battle Hub, and fight others. Easy!

Allows easy way to PvP
Keeps players immersed in the game, even though the dark seas for many players will be the replayable feature, MOST playercounts come from a replayable PvP and trading system.
Example, Loomian Legacy. Even though Loomian Legacy only takes 5-6 hours to complete the story line, it still maintains a playercount ranging from 1-3k players due to the Battle Colosseum and Trading Resort.

Conclusion: Adding a simple Battle Hub that will at most only take 1-3 weeks will almost guarantee a maintained playercount and allow others who mainly want to PvP, have their main replayable content in AO be the Battle Hub.

FaQs - 

Q: The Dark Seas is already good enough for replayable content, shouldn’t Vetex focus more on the story and Dark Seas than PvP? Especially since PvP is not a main focus?
A: The Dark Seas will be good for replayable content, however it’s not infinite. Sooner or later, everyone will have discovered all of the islands in the Dark Seas (unless Vetex consistently adds LOTS of new islands to the Dark Seas, which isn’t ideal for the main game). Also, some players aren’t interested in the storyline or adventure. While Vetex wants players to find adventure in AO, He MUST realize that PvP is the source of playercount for almost all anime-based games. Look at YBA, an ASS storyline but still has around 10k players all the time due to it’s PvP. Same with AUT, same with SHINDO, same with almost every single anime-based game out there. Rogue Lineage, GPO, Blox Fruits, Anime Fighters, etc etc.
Even though these games’ main focus is PvP, and AO’s is not, PvP is a huge moneymaker/playercount generator in any game situation. Plus, Vetex can still add everything else he wants, whilst adding this Battle Hub that will be a huge moneymaker and playercount generator for him.

Q: Ranked PvP adds toxicity to the game and attracts younger and hormonal players to the game, wouldn’t this be bad for the community
A: It’s benefits HIGHLY outweigh its negatives. Yes, while toxicity will appear, it’ll just appear in bigger numbers, not in any higher or lower severity.

Now, my next idea

Trading Hub
I’m sure you can see where I’m headed with this. A Trading Hub, in my opinion, is essential to a replayable experience. Unlike PvP, which can die out due to a lack of PvP options or skills, trading is one of the most long lasting parts of a game. Example? Look on the forums, people are still constantly trading and making posts on the FORUMS, a WEBSITE outside of the main game even though the game only hsa 500 players! Adding a Trading Hub just makes trading easier, and quicker.

Problems with no Trading Hub

Hard to set up times to trade
Miscommunication and others interfering with a trade
Annoying to try and find someone who wants your items

Solution: Add Trading Hub
Open Menu
Click Hubs
Enter Trading Hub
Trading Hub definition: A small but spacious place to trade.

Solution Explanation: It just makes trading easier! Not only can you make offers with someone who wants to trade NOW, which means you don’t have to set up a time in advance, but you can offer and converse LIVE, making communication much easier. Overall, a nice, convenient feature to have.

Easy to make, small map required and some GUI
Makes trading easier and allows younger players to also trade
Replayable feature, will increase playercount due to a lot of players being interested in trading and wanting to make value.

Example- Once again, Loomian Legacy, I can’t tell you how easy it is to trade in Loomian Legacy, and it, once again, provides a replayable feature.

Conclusion: Overall, adding a trading hub is just easy and convenient, it’ll make more people happy, and it’s easy to make as well.

Thanks for reading this entire thing, if you did, I didn’t add an FaQ section for the Trading Hub part because I got lazy, if you have questions, reply and lmk.

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Sorry that this wasn’t formatted well btw, I did it in google docs and for some reason it didn’t translate well, I’ll link it later

suggestions were closed for a reason plus
@Inferno @Level and all the pvp heads will tell you that this isn’t a good idea, not matter what perspective you look at it from, the only good part is the trading hub

i personally come for the story and lore, but hey i dont know what drives people to play the game

Expand on why it isn’t a good idea, it improves the game in every way and makes PvP better and easier, AND it makes vetex profit

Yeah but 70k ppl play blox fruits for the PvP, if we add a PvP system we can also get 70k players

uhhhh this post makes no sense lol

this is the entire “pvp should be optional argument all over again”
plus this is just a suggestion, this post should not exist in any way shape or form

How so? If so I could improve it to make it more digestible

I just read the post, it’s not even a debate or argument lmfaoo, it’s everybody shitting on a guy for making a dumb post, THIS however is not a dumb post, it’s a legitimate idea for the better with reasoning

random killing isnt an issue