Trading ( Swift ) Sunken chest for ( Clean ) Sunken legs/helm ( Negotiable )

Title says it all Discord: J0hn#0287

Also the “/” means “Or” not “And”

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stanky offer add a lil more bad enchant sunkens or a bunch of boss stuff

its the only enchanted sunken i have and i do have a bunch of boss drops not gonna list it out cause someones gonna make me overpay and argue to me about it that im underpaying

well i guess you wont have much luck then since this is just not a good trade, but fair enough for not wanting to offer ur boss drops

also by the way the person you had that interaction with is someone who has absolutely no trading experience and is basically a random with wack views in the trading scene so i wouldnt let that keep too much of a sour taste in my mouth if i were you (to clarify im talking about sandal, flare knows some stuff and what he said was true for the most part)

ill deal with that later im getting chased by a sweat rn

also i am trading my boss drops i would give them the info about in private tho

lmao alright

oh and for future reference you can always feel free to ask active traders (like me!!) on trades and whether or not they’re fair/good and such, as thats also what drip and some others did when they were new to trading too, i’ll list down all the active traders (that i can remember off the top of my head) here since i know you had that wonky interaction before


The_elment (thats me!!)

Unfortunately the list is really small but hey at least some people are on here

Oh and just keep in mind that if a person isn’t on this list it doesnt mean they dont know jack shit about trading, theres a decent amount of people out there who know an okay amount about trading and values though its kind of like half the time they’re right half the time they’re a little off so yea

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aight thanks for letting me know

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oh yeah misinput is the one chasing me rn

not surprised :skull_and_crossbones:

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also i wouldnt call someone who has 3 headless someone who has no experience trading


huh? are you talking about yourself or sandal or flare? kinda confused by what u mean, cuz i was calling sandal the one with no experience in trading

did you mean the question i asked on discord or the guy i called a lowballer

im talking abt the guy in your other marketplace topic as i assumed thats who you were talking about, the person with a spongebob pfp

wich one was this?

this topic

oh yeah that i closed the trade since someone told me i should keep my seasonals because there worth dog water and theres a chance they’ll be worth alot in the future

also misinput ruined my mood to farm im gonna watch anime instead