Updated AO calculator


It probs didn’t need its own topic considering it was in a pinned guide but here is one anyways.

  • If you don’t think your impact damage can’t pass its threshold(Paper is 5%, Glass is 0%, Wood is 33%,etc.), ignore DoT and overall, just multiply impact*amount.
  • If DoT shows up as 0 damage, it’s due to the way DoT rounding works but assume it’s a DoT of 1 damage per tick. 0 should only show for DoT magics that aren’t fire/plasma between levels 0-49 with 100% 20 blasts on certain magics.

All credit to ThatOnePerson, I just updated it with the balance changes of Guilds/Halloween and set it to show the correct damage of status effects.

Edit: DoTs that aren’t bleed are stacking in the overall damage calculator and Overall Damage won’t show for multi blasts of non-DoT magics, imma fix it later.
Edit 2: Fixed

Here’s another calculator for when AO comes out, still testing it and stuff tho

Calculator for your items/accessories


gonna make a lightning user act up

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ty habibi

nice work

- Added a calculator for AO's release, includes status effect

Just realized metal magic needs to be level 100 with 144 power to just about match gold’s damage at 110 power and level 90.
Metal’s pretty fucked

Free status effect table, idk if Meta made one, I just couldn’t find it so I just copied the info from Meta’s elemental doc
Might have errors

  • Added another calculator
  • Updated Crystalized
    The item table I used

Formula for defense stat is

Floor(ItemLevel×StatMultiplier+DefenseAdd) + Floor(EnchantMultiplier×ItemLevel)

Formula for every other stat is

Floor(ItemLevel×StatMultiplier) + Floor(EnchantMultiplier×ItemLevel)

Powerful EnchantMultplier = .085
Strong EnchantMultplier = .0875(Thanks Meta)
Hard EnchantMultplier = .6
Everything else’s EnchantMultiplier = 0.1

Note: I only have the DefenseAdd thingy because I can’t figure out the formula behind Dark Leather/Bright Leather Chests and Sunken Pieces so I just found wherever the shoe fits.

Bruh, I just realized it takes like 10 seconds before all the accessory options load for the first time when first opened. Still works fine after it loads though.

-Fixed Casting Speed stat being effected by Agility instead of Casting Speed