V1.11 Stat Build Tier List

Well to be fair a warlock by definition is just someone who ‘‘practicises in magic’’.

Although considering how many magic moves they get out of the full moveset, I wouldn’t exactly say they are ‘‘practicising’’ :skull:

idc shut the fuck up :smiley:
warlock is supposed to be a mixed class that can rushdown and zone, using magic to attack at range, and fighting styles up close

Man had his family killed or some shit. Calm the fuck down.

fighting against players who can consistently land 20% size Shots will leave you sitting there asking ‘What do I even do against this?’ more than pretty much anything else in the game excluding Mage.

I’d land my 20% shots if my fucking character actually aimed directly where my cursor is at pointing up in the air. But nope, he going to aim it a bit outside of the cursor and call it a day.

This is especially cancerous when you try to Crash calvus while he is charging midair (for any particular reason) and your character somehow misses few studs above or below him when you have your cursor directly at calvus.

I never said it wasn’t broken or overpowered at what it does, I am just stating that pulsar is half the issue mages are so oppressive alongside size meta. Both the issues need to be dealt with, but currently the planned notes have NOTHING stating on what to do with size at the moment. Also, if we make size like, 1/3 as effective as it is at the moment and add the pulsar nerfs currently on the document, we might end up with a rare spell that feels like it should have been base instead.

Actually, the whole system of rare goodies might just be flawed in general. It isn’t easy to balance the power based on how rare it is, as it needs to feel like the effort is worth for the spell/item, as well as balancing it in comparison to all the base stuff everyone has. I rather kill calvus solo 50+ times over fishing for some sunken gear, for example. At least calvus is less luck and more skill based then the 1/2000 chance of getting the fishing gear.

Can’t spell warrior without the W :sunglasses:

also notice how warden is so overpowered it’s not even on the list

conjurer is a balanced class:

also, before you said anything, I was in a 3v1

Completely unrelated but are you a Juggernaut??? I’ve never seen one before


It’s I, one of the five juggernauts within the AO community


Pretty sure snow conjurer increases damage

0.925x imbue w no status, it’s a damage decrease

Same thing goes for water I’d guess and that’s my conjurer’s magic

Juggernaut is the meta bro whatchu talkin bout?

Explosion has the same damage yet it increases
Same with magma