Vetex's Rant (PVP & BALACING)

Pvp is fun lots of people find it fun

Would be cool if there would be a free Elysium pass on weekends to kinda experiment on if the pvp player base would increase or not

I agree but cockblocking rkers and sweats from the main game would definitely drive off some players. Which would be nice but it could mean too many people leave and the game still dies. but most of them are addicted to Elysium anyway so like maybe?

i was wondering, whenever the game can survive on its own without pvp, will there be changes on how pvp work? like are there gonna be zones where u can pvp while the rest is more of a pve/exploration experience?

i was thinking recently that some matchmaking system for PVP, like Chime of Conflict from Deepwoken could help the issue of PVPers killing people who only do PVE
cause then they have a more reliable place to go for PVP
but as stated by vetex and other people, many players just really like randomly killing people, and so something like chime might actually make it worse due to the PVPers becoming better from it (and also likely having ELO or something similar) edit: Deepwoken itself is an example of why this doesnt work

something like chime could still be added but i think we need to give players better ways to avoid PVP, resetting your renown sometimes helps but there’s always gonna be the people that attack you anyway
Maybe when the kingdom allignment update releases, attacking or killing players in or nearby towns and kingdoms could lower your rep with them (so long as its not something like an equal hunt) which could make the guards start attacking you or something like that
Different kingdoms could also treat stuff like that differently depending on their ideals and such (Corsair would probably treat it lighter than Skyhall or Sameria would)

Update: I was wrong!
How is this thread not exploding???

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to see it but wow we’re on 205 messages and its still on topic.

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I could also just go into how I feel about PvP as it is rn tbh but that would become more my opinion, I don’t dislike PvP but I can’t enjoy it in this game really (at least right now)

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I haven’t been able to share my own opinion on this because I had disappeared into the forest for 2 days, but here’s what I think about the whole pvp situation that the game has.

PVP is fun if both sides agree to it, because it is an extra thing with lots of variety that you can do with low stakes.
PVP with only one side agreeing to it is the single worst thing in the game for most people involved.
The problem comes with the fact that it is mostly a pve game, but occasionally pvp can suddenly be forced upon you when you aren’t ready for it, usually by someone who has spent time getting good at it who doesn’t really respect anyone enough to be nice. If it was mostly a pvp game, people would go into every situation expecting pvp, and getting randomly attacked wouldn’t be that much of a problem.
Additionally, most people aren’t good at pvp because it is rather rare to find someone who wants to actually fight you, leaving you to either attack people who don’t want to fight, or not get good at pvp and be unable to defend yourself.
The actual pvp isn’t a problem, it’s that most of the time it is between someone who doesn’t want it and someone who doesn’t care what anyone else wants because they want to feel power over others.


We can be serious when we try.

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I like the last part
exited for vfx improvements and I like building in games
this update seems amazing :smiley:

Depressing. All this story with pvp and income is just another proof that humanity cannot control every single detail no matter how much power they have. We should not blame anyone here expect ourselves for our behaviour.

I do find it weird that some people are acting like he’s mad at people who attack low levels or steal cargo or gank, when the only thing he’s really complaining about here are pvpers who get mad at him and doompost whenever there’s a change they don’t like

Well it is very much implied that he doesn’t like those people, but they don’t do anything to him specifically. They don’t complain to him about things because they are always stronger than their enemies and don’t need changes. The rant was about people who complain to him, but that doesn’t mean that he only dislikes them.

I don’t see it

“I would remove pvp entirely if it didn’t kill the game”
It isn’t specifically saying those people but he doesn’t appear to like pvp at all

I don’t know if that means that the specific aspect of ganking, low level hunting, etc is something he’s also mad about aside from what he directly tells us he takes issue with. Him wanting to remove pvp entirely doesn’t mean that those things are part of the reason he wants to.

That isn’t to say that they couldn’t be, but I think its better to take what he said at face value rather than assuming something that may possibly be true is a certain fact. Being happy with or mad at something that isn’t certain seems a bit unfair to say the least.

Yeah I’m not going to say that he hates those things definitely, but it is rather likely that someone who only has pvp in order to keep a playerbase dislikes people using pvp to make people have a bad time and make them more likely to quit the game.

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