Water Elemental: The Hippocampus

Part of the Magic Elementals (Open Art Collab) series. Hmu if interested.

  • Credit to @Rlka for ghe palette
  • Credit to @quest5 for the Magic Circles

Process Video (may be loud):

Bestiary Entry

Among the most illusive Elementals, despite their horse-like size, the Water Hippocampus often will consistently approach a particular person (typically of the same Water Variant they are). They’ve proven numerous times their immense intelligence through tricks and an apparent understanding of language. Found throughout the War Seas, their coloration depends on their region, with darker blues and purples found in the colder depths, while greens and pinks shine in warmer, more tropical regions.


vetex water horsies when

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yes it looks so good holy fhbskjzdfgbsdfg

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looks neat granted it looks more like an actual fish than an elemental

Very pog

magic elementals series is back

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i thought u finished this series
u made so many good looking art pieces that i’ve lost track of them all

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The series is baaaacckkkkk boisss

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Absolutely love the music and poggers!

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Lol, I’ve forsaken my homework in return for more Elementals

Sea King type beat

So basically its stalks you if you have water…

I feel unsafe


From now on I’m staying away from beaches and rivers for a while…

Unless they can walk too

that’s like saying dolphins stalk you in the ocean for being a mammal lmao

I’m glad this came back from the dead, I enjoyed the Elemental series.

Edit: Despite the fact this was from November.

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lmao, well i’m definitely gomna do more work for the other magic types too! the Raijū and Inferno Dragon pieces are just for fun, though i think i’ll use the Inferno piece as its “official” work

Well if dolphins stalked me I would still be worried

Question: are they edible? Like tuna?

Quirks of the Elemental : A Fruitless Hunt


no, they’re pure magic energy so there’s no body and they’re all technically toxic in that regard since foreign magic energy is harmful when reacting with your own (i think)