[Weekly(?) Prompt!] Graveyard Visit

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I’m taking over the prompt this time and no one can stop me, maybe except for a few certain people. please don’t punt me writer hub admins


You are paying respect to a grave — whether it’s of someone you hold dear, an enemy you killed, or maybe a stranger you just learned about their death. But as the silence had passed, you sensed a disturbance. And you weren’t too sure if it’s from the enemy behind you, or from the grave itself.

And as I quote directly from Xael about the prompt:

Writing Prompts are a way to encourage your brain to “fill in the blanks” and create a story based off a given set of words. You can write however much you want, it is completely up to you!

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My story:

Guy: I’ve hated you for so long, Congratulations on your death

Pours bottle of wine on grave

The End

are you going to do anything with the disturbance

Disturbance is felt


The End

Pretty good story huh


this fuel is e x c e l l e n t

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wide concern

zombie hand plops out of the ground

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tbh that’s my very first idea for this one

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y e s

Ping :frpensive:

didn’t get pinged coz I dont have Seasoned Writer ez

suffering from success