What does your dream AO boat look like and what do you wanna name it

I want a big boat that has a lot of maybe cubic patterns named “Sandal’s cool boat” and it has a white/blue color scheme.

an orangy boat that’s fast

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Rowboat. Only not sticking with it if it’s extremely slow since that’d just be annoying to deal with.

max speed frigate named the windrunner


for my GN file probably the ship of the line with the name Chicken Hypnotize and maybe look sick
Only a few people will get the joke

kinda weird they get hypnotised over that

A dark red wood boat with gold as a secondary color and maybe a tiny bit of black. It would be the fastest large ship type available and I would call it “The Oro Jackson”.

Brigantine (probably won’t be in AO, but frigate would be the closest ig)
The color theme of it would nearly be the same as my caravel, but maybe a bit lighter on the hull figurehead and ram


i have a question about this: can we color like the hull/body of the ships to be colors other than normal wood? Like for example, could the entirety of the ship (besides the highlights like the parts youve colored gold) be colored an artificial color?

Yeah, although you might need the more colors gamepass iirc

S tier name stfu

Question: can we upload our own images to the sails?

quick answer: no

lame tbh

dude is your head on for decoration



if my boat not pretty am not happi :triumph: