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Hey, this is Cryonical :wave:. Welcome back to another anchor of The Odyssey Feed! I’m late once again and I’ve procrastinated a lot, so this might be a bit of a rushed one. I’ll get back on schedule soon, I promise :mariomug:!

The very first thing we’re going to cover today is the Arcane Odyssey Q&A, hosted by Selectorch, featuring Vetex and Techlevel :poggers2:! The forum topic and announcement of this was a while back, but it was pretty fun to watch! Thanks to @Dr.Archipelago for making the transcript that i’m using to see the questions. Here’s the link!

@Vivalacz is doing a transcript as well, and if i’m not mistaken that should be coming soon as well. A lot to look forward to :+1:! Below is the link to the stream if you want to watch it yourself. I’ll be going over some of the most interesting parts, though, using Archipelago’s document :mag:.

Here we can see that the variant of your magic could possibly be able to be changed in some way. Definitely much less broken then the proposition of being able to change your magic altogether :fr:.

I’m not sure why you’d want this, but you can no longer have several of the same magic :chart_with_downwards_trend:. And I can see why; the mutation system doesn’t exist anymore.

Here’s something exciting… the confirmation of what fighting styles will be present upon AO’s release :fist:! Boxing, Crane, Sailors’ Fist, and Thermo Fist are making the cut for release :boom:. Of course it’s subject to change, but that’s the best info we have about this topic.

Possibly in the future there could be cosmetic items for reaching certain bounty/fame. Would they be exclusive to that :thinking:? We don’t know.

Some info about how the tutorial will work. Similarly to World of Magic, it will give you a short tutorial at the beginning, perhaps, and the rest will be taught as you go through notifications explaining things, so you’re not overwhelmed :mariomug:. Sounds good to me :+1:!

Some confirmation about how mobile support will work.

We’ve got three good bits of information here so I screenshotted them all at once :camera_flash:. First, we have information about the post-release update schedule. I believe earlier somewhere it was said there would be very frequent but small updates. Unless i’m wrong, this seems to have been changed to monthly. I’m not against it, though :nod:.

Second, there’s a second riddle planned closer to release :eyes:. Keep your eyes peeled. Lastly for this little spree of delicious info, it’s confirmed there will be a tradable potion, brewed from rare Dark Sea ingredients, that resets your stats. Really interesting, lets you try out new things and fix mistakes if you had them :pray:!

Magic shield is making a return :shield:, along with shape variations! Gonna have to see what keybind I want for that lol.

Scythes were one of the largest requested weapon types, but weren’t added. However, it seems they could come in the future along with other weapon types :poggers2:!

Interesting… enchanting types could link to the Dark Sea. Interested to see how that could possibly work or what the extent of it is :thinking:.

:up_arrow: Some lore bits for ‘yall who are interested!

Once again, we’ve got two of them in one image. First, it’s a possibility that grand navy players could call npc ship reinforcement, which definitely makes sense and sounds really cool :cold_face:. I wonder how it’d work. Maybe there could somehow be a player equivalent with clans and such :face_with_monocle:?

The idea of being able to put one weapon’s skill on a different weapon is really amazing sounding to me. Being able to pick and choose in some form is awesome due to how little customization weapons have right now.

Another lore bit, but explaining how weapon users using aura can hurt curse users since said aura is actually subconscious magic. You can never escape being a magic user :smiling_imp:!

Upgrading your starter magic, you say? Of course it’s not going to be a mutations level upgrade, perhaps a tier sort of thing to make it stronger :muscle:.

We already knew that the skies play a small role in the story so far through the wonderful series of quests at Cirrus Island and the boss there :+1:. It seems that Vetex doesn’t want a ton of the content to be in the sky, and keep it mostly on the sea. What’s really interesting here is the propsition of Dark Skies :cloud:, which would be Dark Seas but for Skyships. I could already see all the really cool things here. What kind of threats would there be in a Dark Sky? How would it work :thinking:?

Some more confirmation it won’t all be reskinned sharks, hehe. Things like Eels and Krakens will be present in the game at one point or another :squid:!

Incredibly hype information about the transformation lost spell, which it seems, like many other of the lost spells on the old list, is still alive :nod:! However, what we didn’t know is the details of it besides being a stronger mode. It would change your hair color, give you wings of your magic, and possible more. Can’t wait to go super saiyan in AO :chart_with_upwards_trend:!

Another possible addition to the customizability of weapons in the future, the naming of skills to match them being able to be transferred between weapons :ok_hand:. Super neat!

This is something we haven’t seen anything like before. It seems that there’s an idea that a quest NPC (seemingly female) could make you slightly bigger or slightly smaller :ruler:, which would come along with passive stat changes. That’s definitely something to look forward to :eyes:.

We’ve already got a planned Raid Boss for the Dark Seas :boom:!

Another bit of lore. The co-captains (At least those in the game right now) have plot armor and are too important later in the story to die. I’m interested to see how that will work, and what that implies :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Some pretty spooky information here :ghost:. Potions are confirmed to have a very wide range of effects, being viable for combat, travelling, and more :cocktail:. But if just healing isn’t for you, you can create kind of your own life by using the create elemental spell, which has not been removed :frhigh:!

Adding onto that potion information, seemingly one of the effects potions can have is invisibility. Vetex actually talked about how potions worked, but there was a lot of typos on the transcript :sleeper:. Essentially, there are two types of ingredients: One determines the type of potion (Drinkable, splash, etc.) and the others determine the effects it has, with each ingredient type having a different effect :nod:.

That’s a lot of hours! Of course, even when you’re done with the current story, the fun doesn’t stop :v:. Optimize your build, upgrade your ship, bounty hunt, etc.

That’s interesting. We can put our fish on display :poggers2:! They probably won’t rot in there, so I don’t know how it’ll work exactly :mag:. Perhaps it preserves them and you can flex them in one package.

Possibly another Q&A in the future, closer to AO’s release :eyes:!

The Castlian Shore is a pretty big area, and the fact that there will be an island around that size on release is pretty cool :cold_face:. Perhaps it’s an island we’ve already seen or something entirely different :thinking:.

This is some big news. It’s been confirmed that Arcane Odyssey will be released for free in early access. The previous plans were 100 robux for early access, so this is a big W :pray:! I also couldn’t find it on the transcript, but it’s been confirmed boss items are being compensated for sellable items. Definitely a decent compromise :moneybag:.

That’s about it for the actual questions from the Q&A. Now we’re going to move on to some images and video :camera_flash:!

First, here’s an image of the setting most of the stream takes place in, taken by @Saiju. The 3 individuals bathe in the hot spring while answering questions in what can be assumed is the new island.

Next, we have a clip taken by @Rayman_Axel of Danny experiencing tier two Insanity effects after being fed a suspicious pie from Techlevel :sleeper:! They’re really interesting but I won’t be covering them here, so watch yourself :nod:.

Rayman_Axel also took a picture of the Light Magic editing screen. You can read the description of the magic at the top, it’s pretty intimidating :marioumug:.

Next is the menu screen. Thanks to Maple for taking this! We can see both the amazing colors and also the icons for everything involved :eye:… it’s changed a bit since WoM.

Maple also took a few more screenshots of the UI shown in the video. Below is what happens when you hold shift when hovering over a weapon in your backpack/hotbar :thinking:.

After that is cinematic mode, which occurs when you press P. Lots of buttons :frhigh:! This automatically happens in cutscenes :clapper:, but you can indeed toggle it by pressing that.

Here’s some of Techleve’s information when his name in the player list is scrolled over. After that, a rare picture of Vetex and Tech sitting on pies in the wild, Danny standing up, all of them around a cooking pot :camera_flash::camera_flash::camera_flash:.

Thanks Maple :pray:!

Next is a screenshot taken by Vivalacz, which is actually really interesting :face_with_monocle:. It seems Danny scrolled over an odd symbol on his info UI and spilled the beans. It clearly states that Lord Elius (The sky boss, as covered many months ago), is able to be killed or spared, perhaps after you defeat him or at some other point :boom:.

That’s about it for the Q&A! That was a great load of information, but of course we haven’t even touched the trello yet :fr:! Here we go again…

First, the arena island has been renamed and given music :sunglasses:! While we have no idea what the name is or was and I don’t think we heard it in the Q&A, it’s cool stuff!

Second, Smash has been given 4 more animations. More is almost always better in the case of these types of things, and with fighting styles it’s going to be increasingly interesting :thinking:.

NPCs with random magics now have built in metamancing :frcryin:! If they have a temperature based magic, they’ll pick other magics with a similar temperature. You’d better watch out!

Lastly, another new island is being worked on :hammer:. Vetex is on a roll!

This next version is quite stubby and basically a part two to the previous one :chart_with_upwards_trend:. Many more animations have been added to Smash, along with 2 for crash! Additionally, the island mentioned in the last version is now in the game.

Now in v1.9.158, The new island is here! It seemingly contains NPCs and enemies, which are mostly functional at the time of this version.

A bit more of a sad thing to some, but voice chat is now removed from Arcane Odyssey :headstone:. This is because of how annoying it’s been implemented by Roblox and the fact it cannot be customized. A mute icon over your head permanently does seem annoying :fr:, so it won’t be readded until it can be customized the way Vetex wants.

Lastly for this version, cowboy hats with 16 color variations have been added! They can be bought from tailors or “found” :eyes:. Possibly they tie in with this new island, and could drop from the enemies :thinking:. Maybe not, though, since there’s nothing new in the NPC/Boss item drop rates card.

Some more exciting information about the new island. It’s confirmed to tie into the Assassin Syndicate :knife:, which is evidently the name of the organization the Mysterious Figures are part of, seeing how it was confirmed this organization would be joinable and how it clicks together :bulb:. Interesting!

Now onto Fighting Styles. Just like magic, Fighting Styles will automatically create a default skill for you once you unlock it. A nice addition :nod:! Speaking of skills, their names when part of a multi attack have been improved so that the plurals work better. Later in the version, there’s also many more name options for specific animations for fighting style skills :boom:.

The first Fighting Styles skill, Crash, will no longer share a cooldown with grab skills :flushed:, and its cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds, meaning you can use it every 3 seconds with no interruptions :hourglass:. Definitely an improvement! However, its maximum travel distance has decreased. Definitely feels more like a fighting style move now :fist:.

Lastly, a brand new skill: Rushdown! Interested to see some details. Let’s move on :down_arrow:!

This version is pretty small. More progress on Rushdown and a bug fix :bug:. We actually have a video of that bug, in the form of DocTheWarBird attempting to threaten a jailed man for whatever reason using a stick, but being utterly defeated by the roof of a house :moyai:.

You can also see the fighting style idle animation :nod: and a few other testers, including me hehe.

Rushdown has been finished, and we have absolutely no idea what it is :smiley:! However, there’s some pretty good news: Way more information about the brand new criminal island!

First, there’s a “Receptionist” NPC. They can clear your bounty in exchange for galleons :moneybag:. You pay 50 minimum and 5000 maximum. It costs 0.01 galleons for each point of bounty, currently. Could be adjusted, however :thinking:. A really interesting feature, which i’ll leave you to interpret (I’m too lazy :frsleepin:).

Besides this, there’s also some new options for players who live life on the edge with bounty. They will now steal cargo instead of buying it, which has a consequence revealed soon :eyes:. They can also now no longer use regular NPCs for any purpose such as shopping or opening sealed chests, and must use the bad reputation variants of these. Having never heard of this before and knowing there’s an evil organization on the new island, it’s safe to assume said island is a criminal town :nod:.


On Topic!
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What does your dream AO boat look like and what do you wanna name it
Posted by @DubiousLittleTyp0

As you might know, in Arcane Odyssey there’s quite a lot of boat customization. There’s big and small boats, amazing vanity, paintbrushes, specialization, sail patterns, figureheads, arcanium armaments, the ability to name your ship, and more :paintbrush:. And with all this customization, what will your vessel be :thinking:? Answer in the topic below!

Arcane Art!
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Totally Accurate Arcane (Remake)
Created by @Tobi

Tobi is back and has remade the very first comic strip in the Totally Accurate Arcane series! Theos and Durza are clashing again :boom:, when they come to a sudden realization. Their power is completely equal! What this implies for the world is completely devastating :worried:. This series is also on webtoon now, so check it out :ok_hand:!

Writing Wizardry!
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ADIM: Lost Things - Chapter XI: Bringing Back Old Memories
Written by @BNTarwarn

Once again, BNT is the only one to post in writing for a whole week, so including them here isn’t exactly an old memory :fr:. Regardless, it’s another wonderful addition to their interactive series. Should John be taking a day off work? As you can see, this is less of the insane action and more of the little things. That’s what brings out the charm :sparkles:!

The Chart!
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Last anchor’s riddle solver was @Maple! Congratulations for being the first to crack it! The answer was… ”Paladin”!

You Open The Scroll…

“4 Infamy Per Second To”

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!

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