What made you choose your character's design?

My ideas with my two main files were just random spur-of-the-moment things lol

Here’s my good rep Crystal Conjurer, Abigail Quill (vanity: dull agility amulet, cobalt merchant’s coat, cobalt skirt, & hunting boots)

and my bad rep Magma/Iron Leg Warlock, Aisha Sectonia (vanity: blue seafarer’s coat & warrior boots)


1st file is based on Asbestos from arknights, color scheme changed tho
3rd file is just me making things up based on my own reference

we dont talk about the 2nd file

Some of my files are simply just designs I like that also fit their personality (Corrina, Vega, Ivory), and others follow themes (Ashley, Archie, Tora)
The files on my alt are all supposed to be in the same group.


My first slot
Alicia Banks
Caried over from world of Magic, had 1000 hours of fishing and not a single sunken armor, inspired by my pfp (Illya)

First slot 2
Magna Burns
Created in AO, 33 hours of fishing, cargo runs and ship farming, inspired by Trigno and Captain Burns from Fire Force

Second slot
Sol Lochester
Created in AO recently, inspired by Rupin and Juniper

I just chose what looked cool


(she’s a big fan of wizard 101)

actually tho

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Since they use magma, I went for a red base colour scheme. In AO I went with magenta accessories to contrast the orange of magma, but in AO i use a red Wanderer’s shirt, a large black coat, and Carina’s pauldrons. And of course an eyepatch which i consider a signature part of his look, which i’ve been using since early WoM

Fire conjurer was a original design from WoM era. It looked pretty good, some even said IT was good. Decided to upgrade his fit with a tropical shirt and some shades.

Navy slot was also a design from WoM, but I decided to enter the Navy on that and is currently sitting around Major-Commander.

short dark hair, maid outfit. smth that feels classic

2nd File is a Water Mage that was originally supposed to be a character with a grand, extravagant appearance but I just settled for a simple, beach-style outfit cause grinding for boss items got annoying and it suited him better
3rd File is a Poison Conjurer pirate. Depending on what style of items are going to be found in the Nimbus Sea, I’ll either go for a more extreme pirate look or something more chilled out (think Shanks from One Piece)

Edit: 1st File has remained empty since WoM

I based my style on irl naval officers, one piece admirals, and a genshin :face_vomiting: OC that I made.

I started with an all cobalt color scheme, but changed it up to red and blue for thematic purposes. Since there is no proper double breasted uniforms, I chose a red warrior’s coat due to its similar appearance and it looks elegant. I used red elius boots because that is the only pants that can be colored unlike warrior’s boots. For the accessories, cobalt sailor’s hat and large jacket to give my character an authoritative feel. And of course a monocle because why not.

He has beard with braids due to my first concept for the character was to be a homeless dude, but I dropped it for this current style.

Steal his drip

Red Warrior’s coat
Red Elius boots
Cobalt Sailor Hat
Cobalt Large Jacket

IDK, I think I either chose it because it looked cool to me or got it randomly and embraced it.

I chose all of my file’s designs because they’re simple and basic, I don’t particularly enjoy my characters looking all cluttered in gear.

Also I have a fetish for jackets
You’ll see what I mean when I post an image of them

Supposedly a wandering demon :smiling_imp: that will get burned if the skin is exposed to sunlight, hence a whole lot of bandages and a cloak with a straw hat

What is a character design? I make new file. Speedrun through the customization and done

I designed one of my files after my usual, everyday look, while my other two have their clothing color match their Magic color as close as possible.

mine is pretty braindead

my first file is cuz she is a weapon user, so i put on titanium armour. And, she is goofy in personality so i strap a massive banana on her back.

my second file is only because she punch people so i make her wear a gi i illegally acquired.

and the third file, gravy.

Well its simply because i want to make some similarities to my current ao character, based on the old games (arcane reborn and world of magic)

And imagine it like some sort of Reincarnation or alternate selves