What was your first ever post?

This was my first post

World Of Magic Spells first post

first topic was a suggestion that got deleted : /

Mine was asking if plasma was any good, it wasn’t. Here

Ah alright. I then proceeded to ghost the forums after the post for a bit.


Hmm alright. You can’t make suggestions as your first though I think.

Yeah, somehow I was already TL2 by then.

Damn bro.

I deleted it but here’s the one after

the username is no longer correct, I changed it in November

Ah alright. I was really hesitant to do a self introduction instead did the shark post.

Went formal and started with introducing myself first when I joined the forum.

Checking tl2 it says you must have replied to stuff in order to become tl2. I guess that is your first topic though.

Oh yeah, let me get the first post.

Another self introduction. Geez I could not bring myself to do it at the start as I thought everyone doesn’t know each other in this community.

Lmao, well I was first trying to know stuffs around the forum and saw the “introduce yourself” and thought it was the first thing I should do lol.

The holy WAX even simped on me (^=˃ᆺ˂)

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I went hell no and just went to do the shark post.

It caused too many controversies
over a fucking pistol

I don’t want to remember it

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This apparently

I vaguely remember making a post before this but I’ve no clue if I actually did or not

probably some trading shit, i was lame back in the days, still kinda am but less and i dont trade anymore