What your Arcane Odyssey Crush says about you

We’ve all seen videos discussing one’s fictional crush and what it supposedly says about them, I’m just gonna go and bring it to AO, mk? Also, I can and will roast someone with these. Might be you. Might be society as a whole. May even be me.


You’re in the church of Iris. Nobody else actually likes this tagalong redhead of a plothook. Also, you do realize she may be 17, right?


You’re into edgy twinks. You also have at least a dozen OCs that would make you die if they were ever revealed to the public.


Missingno—no instances of “Crush=true” detected for this old man.

Ruby Rodger

Your life is as much of a joke as he is.


You like guys who pop into your life for fifteen minutes each week before vanishing. You’re also a literal hermit who has not touched grass in several days.

Chief Alfarin

Like Shura, you like men who only appear in your life for a few minutes. You’re also too weak to move furniture or anything else on your own.


You have something for small dudes who drive you nuts. You also initially considered killing him, but spared him because he wasn’t a stuck-up noble brat like you expected.


It would be in your best interest to learn the signs of a heart attack or stroke. Both for him and yourself, because there’s no way you’re under 50.


You like women who talk a big game but can’t ever back up what they say with anything. Good news is, you have plenty of options in modern day America. Bad news is, most of their heft ain’t muscle. But judging by her cushioned attacks, most of Carina’s heft isn’t either.


You imagine him to be smooth and suave, a true king. You’re also a bottom with masochistic tendencies.

Dame Caesennia

You enjoy sparring, especially against people you always win against you sick freak.


You like men who will leave you to your rock climbing. Also, you can pay child support cause you know he ain’t staying.


You’re lying to seem unique. That or you’re always running from the cops and you like having some old geezer who’s senile enough to buy the random junk you’ve accumulated.

Edward Kenton

You’re stupendously basic to the point where it’s not even funny.

And you’re right.


i cant tell if this is an insult or a compliment but i’ll take it


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wonder if someone’s gonna say white eyes

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oh wait pox already did that before

I have a crush on Poseidon.

what if I’m actually a relatively normal functional human being who doesn’t crush on lego people :skull:


Considered saying I have a crush on the ocean instead.

what the fuck is this shit

I’d imagine (read: I’d like to hope) that most people here genuinely don’t, they just exaggerate a bit for the sake of comedy. Like, joke as I will about Edward Kenton, but if you’re really really feeling something for him, I think you should consider taking a step back for just a moment. Same with anyone else.

This topic exists because I was feeling like making something funny at 10 PM.

i dont… have…a crush?
its a game about legos and magic bro, yall crazy

anyways alpha white eyes awoooga

If 20 minutes = to a day in Arcane Odyssey and Arcane Odyssey has been at least out for 4 months

It would have been 121 days since Arcane Odyssey release or 174240 minutes

by diving 174240 by 20 it has been approx 8712 in-game days or 23 years.

That would be iris is actually 40 years old and I suck at math and the entire calculation is wrong


Just for this I’m genderbending the blue whale too

oh hell nah Iris gonna be 178 by the time arcane odyssey is finished
(dont let me stop you if your into that i guess?)


Some random chick from doom island >>>>>>>>> the entire cast of AO

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this discussion is missing dame caesennia, or is it just me (probably just me :sob: )


bro? (hopping on arcane reborn to make a joke)

bro? shes 12 bro

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