Who is the most evil character in all of fiction?

Self-explanatory title, declare your contenders here for the most evil, malignant, maleficent, inauspicious, ignoble, nefarious, diabolical, atrocious, heinous, vicious, sinister, foul, vile, and unholy beings in all of fiction.

And by evil, I don’t just mean some plain evil monster or criminal, I mean the most, absolute evil thing in all of the infinite universes of fiction, of enormity and baseness objectively beyond all the wrongness capable by anything multiplied thousandfold.

(or something close to that works too ig)


Probably Black Zetsu, since his one sole purpose is to resurrect his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki. Her resurrection would allow her to absorb all chakra (basically the Narutoverse equivalent of magic energy) on Earth back into herself. She would then make all living beings white zetsus, her slaves.

Black Zetsu is manipulative, and changed the course of history with just a silver tongue. He was able to twist a kind boy into a heartless man with intent on killing his brother just to take a position of power.

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Chinese Branch Scarlet King

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The Neo-Nazis in Breaking Bad, specifically Todd

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Galbatorix from the Inheritance Cycle. Only goal was to enslave dragons.



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bling bling boy


Based on the very limited amount of media I’ve consumed, the most evil characters I’ve seen in fiction are Arthur Mitchell from Dexter and that Eldian king from the Founding Titan flashback from AoT.

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the amogus imposter


Micah from Red Dead Redemption 2

I hate Micah.

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me :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :upside_down_face: :sunglasses: :sunglasses :fire: :fire: :hungry:

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I might’ve given the title to Darkstalker but he had honorable goals, didn’t go about them properly. Mostly around saving the nightwings.

…Chaos I guess? It’s the manifestation of pure evil iirc.

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makes sense :man_shrugging:

ngl a lot of my characters could solo darkstalker tbh

Mary sues are stupid. Get rid of them.

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oh no they ain’t mary sues

just have very gimmicky abilities

Darkstalker is basically god, I’d say that’s not, like, a great sign.

darkstalker is pretty

bro can just think them out of existence