Who is the most evil character in all of fiction?

I think inorder to be evil you have to be intelligent enough to know good

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Nah buu knew exactly what he was doing.
Even when he was too mentally deranged to form words he fought knowing full well what type of impact he had.

He’s called pure evil for a reason.

He even has the word “demon” in his name.
Majin buu is the pure definition of malice

sorry but still like an angel compared to the amogus imposter

the amongus imposter’s personality is entirely dependent on the player controlling it. When I play imposter I just do a little trolling not really kill unless I feel like I should. Let people kill each other.

Chainsaw man spoiler

Possibly the gun devil due to his abilities, bro got that ability to kill anybody ranging 1 - 12 years old which is the most messed up shit and killed 1.2 million I think in seconds/minutes :skull:

seems logical that this is a villain

They killed 1.2 million 1-12 year olds??


but who cares letsst say he did :silly:



I actually used to think this was a real line from the film, and it honestly makes sense.

Nothing beats old Superman comic covers in terms on evulness

idk like, dracula i guess

I would say american healthcare is the most evil but that’s not fictional

Just cause he’s complex doesn’t make him any less evil lol. Bro is a manipulative, selfish, narcissist with no regard for anyone but himself.

yall want the most evil character in all of fiction?

ok so hear me out

The Truth

J.K. Rowling

She changes the universe she is in countless times for her own goals with absolutely no regard to the people inside of it

I was gonna say maybe frieza. But man this is a good answer

Still went out of his way to show care towards Guts. He risked his life, his dream, for this man and was absolutely broken when he left. He is manipulative and selfish, definitely not narcissistic though. He is actually rather humble, or presents himself as much. He is thee most important figure in the world of Berserk since Supreme King Gaiseric but hell he might even be more important than him yet never acts more than that. His manipulative nature isn’t exactly a negative trait either. Hell his mind is what allowed him to survive the nobles coming after him and even deal with them after their assassination attempt.

The deaths by his hand, the hundreds and thousands who’ve died for him to chase his dream do not fade in his mind. They are his reminder to keep pushing forward. He is not apathetic towards their deaths, even as much as he wants to be. He isn’t even joyful of them like most other people would be. The Major from Hellsing is a man who loves war for the sake of war, nothing else. It doesn’t matter if he’s losing or winning, who it is or what it’s for, it’s war and that’s enough to satisfy him. He lives in excess.

As terrible as the things he has done, which could not be understated, he has done acts of good and had real moments of vulnerability (him breaking down after Guts left, his self harm and opening up to Casca) and loved people (namely Guts). He is evil, yes, but the most evil? No way.

There is another character who may fit the bill though and it’s in their name. The Idea of Evil is probably the most evil character in fiction. While no longer apart of Berserk it is by most people still considered apart of the Berserk universe until stated otherwise. The Idea of Evil is an entity that’s humanity’s answers for pain, sadness, life, and death. It is, as it’s name suggest, the literal idea of evil and has control over the fate of humanity. Literally every bad thing that has ever happened in Berserk (there are a lot of bad things) was singlehandedly dictated and controlled by the Idea of Evil. This actually why it’s chapter was pulled, Berserk was introduced to it’s highest power way too early. Anyways. Yeah The Idea of Evil is probably the most evil character in all of fiction.