Why the lore document is wrong about most things (and omits other things)

TL:DR It’s because of the Alaleans, go figure.

As the informed among you know, ever since the deceit and betrayal of their father Cursebeard toward the great god Prometheus, the Alaleans have stopped at nothing at changing and altering all manuscripts of history pertaining the days of the gods in order to paint the progenitor Prometheus in a bad light and Cursebeard in a more “neutral” light.

Continuing in the evils of their fathers and their forefathers, these putrid animals seek to sully the great god’s name so as to continue their agenda in completely taking over the MC and basically ruling the world. This topic is a debunking topic, one that will expose the evils of this vile race.

  1. Prometheus did not get more power from the Aurem. The power he got was a natural result of people worshiping him in their hearts and mind, and the collective gratitude of the world for his gift of magic. Cursebeard, noting the growing price of these jewels, went on a rampage stealing as much as he could to accumulate wealth. This is the origin of the staunch, endless greed of the filthy Alalean peoples.

  2. Cursebeard did not get powerful by the power of the Aurem or of his own work, either. Similar to the case of Durza, he was met by the Hades the dark one, but was so naturally evil that Hades did not need to imbue within him more evil. This is why he never went crazy.

  3. The tragedy that killed 40% of humanity and the merciful Prometheus himself was not wrought by random wizards who simply became powerful, but the wicked Cursebeard’s dogs, who had partook in his power from Hades. The 40% that died were killed not in a war but in the brutal onslaught and massacre that they performed.

  4. The AG was ran by Vistarians who placed other Vistarians in high position (nepotism) and unfairly promoted both their race and that of the Alaleans. Their friendship is deep-rooted, and so is their shared wickedness.

  5. Vistarians and Alaleans are factually closer to the edge of the Chaos, and have a greater propensity for evil.

  6. Although Durza’s village was not a Vistarian one, Durza was actually of Vistarian ancestry through his mother, who had lied about her race upon migrating to the village since they were a wise village and wanted nothing to do with that vile race.

  7. The Peacekeeper is canonically from the sand islands from which Savaria and Sabura originally came. It doesn’t matter what you think, this is canon. Seethe.

  8. Altavista is actually an altercation of the word “Vistarian” and not the other way around. The Vistarians originally hailed from the land of Vista, which is the root word. The word “alta” means “high, lofty, great”, and was placed there to mean something like “Greater Vista” to honor their fallen land.

  9. Don’t get too sympathetic after reading #8, since they entered that land by plundering, killing, and burning down villages like Vikings for a good 200 years until they reached Altavista, and actually wiped out the culture that lived there, who were also from the Savarian’s origin place.

  10. Vistarians are scum.

  11. Alaleans are pigs.

  12. Vistarians are the devil.

  13. Alaleans are swine.

inb4 someone posts a 10 paragraph response about why all of your jokes are incorrect.

ayo socrates it’s a fucking lego game


by this logic everyone in the AU is evil because magic is connected to chaos

also this is like saying all Germans are scum because of WWII


yeah lore theory is cool but
have you ever gone outside?
its much better



What big Alalean and Vistarian don’t want you to know

I can’t believe you would diss Cursebeard :pensive:

I’m not even sure what culture is that post worshipping, castlians are literally alaleans too

agreed. This just has too much angmar energy.

Anyone who is bad is Angmar apparently.

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ah yes.

fictional racism

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I’d argue there is also a teaspoon of real racism.

Whichever one will cause the most ruffled feathers I suppose.


I was not worshiping any culture in this particular post.
Castlians are Alaleans and are thus repugnant, but deserted from the Alaleans and are thus a little less repugnant than actual Alaleans.

Does racism become real once it can possibly relate to a real race, or when it actually targets a real race? By your logic, goblins and witches are racist as well, seeing as their appearances stem from antisemitic stereotypes. Hell, I’d say most “tribal” cultures in fiction would also be racist for reasons I do not need to expatiate upon, for it is obvious to anyone living in this century.

go touch some grass mate, you know the yellow thingy out side? go see it bro

If by yellow thing you mean the sun, I’d say you are in more dire need of going outside than I am for not knowing that looking at the sun will blind you.

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