WOM Reborn?

Literally just making this as a concept but,
Would anybody be interested in a WOM Reborn? The base game, then built upon following the lore the Vetex left behind for it, just WOM but if it was made to the end point, rather than halfway made.
I’m probably never gonna make it, but would people be interested in it, how would it even occur, questions like that.


Somebody is already making a WoM remake

Proof or larp

Cat (just a random cat) is making wom remake.
Im also making a wom remake.


Which WoM would be better, and would it have the same engine as AO (meaning running takes no sprint and shiftlock would be available?)

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Isn’t this thatoneguy’s thing

he retired :frpensive:

From the fourms or the “welcome to our club” thing

both, and from roblox too

Thats crazy

The man retired. Besides, why leave welcoming new folks to just one person?

This doesn’t feel the same, no offense

I would be interested, although many have attempted

Rn jarc’s WoM looks like crap, they still have magic and npcs tho
Meanwhile mine, literally the gameplay isn’t even done yet

i getcha. it’s pretty odd for me too.

so uh, links?

wait WHAT?! Thought he was a bot from how eager he was welcoming new users. Damn…you never know what you had

All the best to him

Oh wait wrong link (done)