WoM Remake Update Thread + Server Invite

It seems more people are interested in reading any updates I have on the forum, so I will do so in this post. However, quite a few people were interested in a server (or both a server and thread) so I will put the invite to the remake server here as well:

Here’s how this will work:
Updates will be posted on this thread in batch every few days, most likely. It may exclude smaller updates like small visual fixes and the like.
You may comment in this thread regarding the updates if you’d like, but mainly only updates the the game will be posted here.
Polls regarding the remake will also still be conducted on the forum.

Updates will be posted in the server as I work on them or in a smaller batch if there’s multiple things done that day.
You can also report bugs you found in the game in the server as well.

For those who haven’t gained access to the game yet and want to playtest, click here.


Some recent updates, mainly bugfixes:
Updated the magic energy charge animation.
The shockwave from the magic energy charge now follows the player.
Updated the beams to not have texture issues.
Fixed activating beams or explosions causing several problems.
Fixed blasts being unusable under lv 5.
Fixed NPC alerts flooding your chat upon your death if you turned it off.
Fixed the random gain in momentum from charging blasts mid-air.
Fixed an issue with picture mode messing up the “hide customize menu” button

Remaining bugs as of now:
NPC hover spells don’t always despawn
NPCs and certain spells can’t knock over the mayor house
Increase blast amount button scales based on player count?

I was told the discord link was bugged. I’ve just updated it, so it should work now.

Recent changes (since the last update):
Bandits now have their personalities finished
Wizards have talk animations
Fixed blast amount/size settings scaling based on player count
Added some more basic animations for players (blocking, blast spell)
Gave King David talk animations
Fixed explosions having incorrect hitboxes
Magic charge animation properly ends upon releasing left shift
Fixed explosions damaging anything it hits several times

removed herobrine

So… is this project still alive?

Oh gosh I forgot about OLEG

I’m happy he’s gone but it’s weird seeing them again

can we see some progress if it is still ongoing :smirk:

Right now, the game looks like a bootleg. Makes sense given that the main dev is learning scripting


Can I see what world of bootleg looks like

Join the server, give your username to the owner (rn the game is only access granted) and play

oh wait I actually played the game

Is it like full of random assets and you can use any magic you want from this really shitty UI?


Im also guessing that all of the building were stole with exploits or smth

Not sure

I discovered and exploit with the RPG gear where if you spam click the rocket skill and then swap to another gear while doing so you make this invisible rocket turret with infinite ammo and direction change.


Yes, it’s still in work. But no need to complain about the UI. I’m not a UI designer. I made UI that works fine, and if it’s ugly, that’s that until I figure out improvements. The random assets and parts are because the game lacks a proper map. The assets are set up to either be of use in building or to test functionality, or because there is nowhere to put them.

I don’t know who you are, but there is no need to spread misinformation. The buildings on the map such as houses and stores were made from scratch, not copied directly using exploits.

As for this, the gear is taken from the catalog because I haven’t gotten to making weapons yet. Obviously, it is glitchy, as I have not bugtested or adjusted the scripts in them because they’re getting removed anyways.