Won't Back Down

Hello again, back to this type of stuff. Lower effort in general but I learned how to background a good bit. If you guys remember, The smug mf is Colt, aka Tech with Morock on hand. If you also remember my 5 Grand Users Design post, I kinda made a story out of it, but constant doubts slowed me down to hell. This is just a lil scenario I imagined and drew. Will there be more? yeah sure. A potential webcomic? maybe.

Extra Stuff

Did you guys know that there’s retconned lore about Freedrock owning and losing Durandal? If Durandal was holy before it got devious licked by Hades, then I imagined Freedrock to be like a Templar Crusader. Hell, even his Lazarus Curse is a Christian thing, so it lines up perfectly pretty much.

Don’t mind the design inconsistency, I figured that Freedrock would most likely serve Hera, shown by the first picture’s symbol in his armor. The second pic was my first doodle of the idea so yeah


P o g

Freed as a Templar? Sign me up!hungr

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Holy shit, well done as always, glad to see you doing art again bro, good to have you back around!


looks fire