Yes this is a boss drop shop (300~ RARES)

the original!


16 clean oathkeeper
11 hard oathkeeper
10 swift oathkeeper
3 strong oathkeeper*

22 clean WOJ
10 sturdy WOJ
7 heavy WOJ

19 clean Vastira
6 hard Vastira
4 swift Vastira
6 strong Vastira

Exiled Armor

16 clean helmet
1 powerful helmet
4 strong helmet
3 swift helmet
1 nimble helmet
1 keen helmet
1 bursting helmet

15 clean chestplate
1 nimble chestplate
2 strong chestplate
1 forceful chestplate

17 clean leggings
2 powerful leggings
1 forceful leggings
1 hard leggings
3 nimble leggings
2 strong leggings
1 swift leggings

Minotaur Armor

18 clean helmet
2 nimble helmet
1 hard helmet
3 powerful helmet
1 swift helmet

12 clean shirt
3 powerful shirt
2 hard shirt
1 nimble shirt

13 clean boots
1 powerful boots
2 bursting boots
2 keen boots
1 forceful boots
1 swift boots
1 strong
1 nimble

very wet. (also did not take this name from @Req totally)


5 clean helmet
4 keen helmet
2 strong helmet
2 forceful helmet
1 swift helmet
5 bursting helmet
2 hard helmet
1 powerful helmet

1 clean chestplate
1 bursting chestplate
1 hard chestplate
1 powerful chestplate
1 forceful chestplate
1 strong chestplate

7 clean boots
1 nimble boots
4 strong boots
1 swift boots
1 keen boots
3 forceful boots
3 bursting boots
1 hard boots


3 strong sword
1 swift sword

@Meta approves


All are pre-enchanted with [Nimble]

8 amulet (dull)
1 amulet (poor)
6 bandana
4 cape
2 gilded wing
1 hood
2 mercenary shirt
2 mercenary pants


All are pre-enchanted with [Strong]

3 amulet (dull)
1 scary hat

Magic Power

All are pre-enchanted with [powerful]

1 amulet (poor)
1 wizard hat
5 wizard robe
2 wizard pants


All are pre-enchanted with [Hard]

3 amulet (dull)
2 amulet (poor)
2 traveller’s backpack
2 iron helmet
3 iron chestplate
2 iron leggings

Magic Size

All are pre-enchanted with [Bursting]

5 amulet (dull)
2 amulet (poor)
1 valkyrie helm
4 warrior coat
2 warrior boots

Casting Speed

All are pre-enchanted with [Keen]

9 amulet (dull)
2 canvas hat

Magic Speed

All are pre-enchanted with [Swift]

1 amulet (dull)
1 corduroy hat


All are pre-enchanted with [Forceful]

3 amulet (dull)
1 blindfold
1 glasses
2 scarf


With different enchants than their original stats but still popular lol

1 hard wizard hat
6 hard wizard robe
1 hard wizard pant
7 hard power amulet (dull)
1 hard power amulet (poor)
3 powerful defense amulet (dull)
1 powerful defense amulet (poor)
1 hard strength amulet (dull)

seasonal vanity… for the collectors

9 headless


102 sunglasses
101 cap


12 pumpkin fedora
16 halloween bag
11 death crown
12 head wrappings
19 body wrappings
8 leg wrappings
5 haunted skull chain
7 shoulder crow
6 candycorn beanie
4 hallowed I (yellowred/brown)
7 hallowed II (brown/cobalt/grey/magenta/purple/blue/black)
19 mini cauldron (purple/cobalt/black/orange/pink/orange/brown/lime/biege/green/white)
18 dark omen mask (biege/magenta/orange/grey/cobalt/blue/white/pink/lime/purple/black)
6 batwings headband (orange/pink/white/blue/green)
5 skeleton wizard hat (blue/green/biege/yellow)

PS: I’m willing to buy your seasonal vanities for crowns / items (in bigger trades) | so DM me whenever you’d like to sell some to me.

fellow traders who I’d recommend trading with! (and their shops)

@Req ( prominent trader, veteran experience, also pretty nice :poggers2:)

@BBII ( OG trader, very trustworthy. :nod: )

PS: I do this at my own will. If I think they’re good traders, I will put their shop here (because they deserve it :fr:)

the good lads who made this possible

@DoubleRun (he convinced me to open this shop in the first place lol)
@Req (taught me to trade sunkens, thanks :mariomug:)
@macobre (for making the guide that I read to revamp the shop lol | pls nu bonk for ping)

Discord: Balls#1118
IGN: SimplifyingDrama


Hey! I’m interested in buying an oathkeeper ans selling a Vastira! DM me on Discord! Spooky Des#7777

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you got anything extra other than the Vastira?

I have a swift lv 80 vastira, is that enough for your swift oathkeeper?

I don’t think I can take that one for one

I’ll add in a minotaur leggings lv 70

u got a shield?

of course not ;/

so you only got the swift axe and minotaur leggings?

Yea that’s about it

I think I gotta refuse that, sorry man

Do you want me to add another minotaur piece?

I’d prefer an exiled chestplate

So swift vastira and an exiled chestplate for the oathkeeper?

for the swift oath, that would work

any enchant on exiled chestplate or clean?

preferably clean, but enchanted is fine too

Im interested in the destructive mino boots, what are you looking for?

What are you looking for, for the exiled leggings?

not anything in particular, but you’re welcome to offer