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Nuclear, Drama, and myself have pretty much all the items in the game, and whatever you’d like to buy, we will have :nod: I trust both these fellows and you should too, they will make a fair offer for your items if they are interested :nod:

Smorgasbord of goodness.

Get ready to spend 1.5 headless per item

depends on the item :swag:

Please give me bursting valk I’ve enchanted at least 30 valks to get no bursting. :frcryin:

I have bursting valk

But I can’t play until tomorrow :frcryin:

i got it first try :skillissue:

I command you to DM me on Discord.

I have no discord.

bursting enchant increase the weapon hitbox right?

nobody really knows but that’s what people are assuming :man_shrugging:

if the rumors end up being true does the weapons with bursting enchant would have a high value?

would depend if the bursting carried over onto the ability, and how much it boosted it. Either way, hard is going to get a value increase nonetheless.

Ight thanks

bursting enchant (replacement for hard enchant in ao) on weapons does

bursting on armour on the other hand only increases your magic spell sizes

thing is nobody knows exactly what he’s doing with it :man_shrugging:

wdym? Its literally on the trello :fr:
Unless you mean if bursting will only apply to abilities or slashes cuz thats what we dont know yet

thats what I meant lol

:frpensive: what about me

most likely both, dont really see a reason why it shouldnt boost both.
And even if it doesnt boost slash hitboxes it will 100% weapon abilities because thats what weapons are all about. Otherwise vetex would make an enchant even more useless than hard