You all asked for you go, Arcane Odyssey Riddle pt. 2

I thought about the eagle being Arthur, but he dies during the Cursebeard war thus rendering him unable to affect anything further unless if he had a failsafe contingency group waiting for his demise to enact vengeance or something.

Based off of what you’re saying, I would kind of build off of that. What the riddle could mean is that Arthur, the one who made Mt. Olympus fall, could be relevant to the story. The reasoning why he did what he did is unknown, but the goal is almost similarly to having a world similarly to what the Peacekeeper wants.

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Also, I’m going to use a very outdated concept to back up a potential claim that Arthur is stronger than the PK, the Eleven Unknowns. Now the Eleven Unknowns have said to be non-canon now, but at the time that it was canon, there was something interesting. On Discord, Tech had said that Arthur would be able to defeat Poseidon and Zeus in 2020 (again, still very outdated).

Previously during the time the Unknowns were relevant, Arthur wasn’t anywhere on the list, but Zeus and Poseidon previously were. I think that Arthur could very well been one of the 3rd-6th Unknowns as Tech has said that they are not human, which Arthur is not. Arthur is apart of the Vastus race, meaning he’s a pretty giant guy. I think that with this combined with this riddle, it could hint that maybe Arthur may be stronger than the PK.

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lore riddle answer:
dark plans for peace

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When will this be solved bruh ? Are we so god damn stupid ?

This is my first time looking at the riddles, I’m guessing the leader of the order is both someone unexpected, and someone with really grey morals.

this came out 2 years ago and tech said some guy much much earlier in the thread was 97 percent correct

yes we are stupid

No it was that 98% were wrong

This riddle will never be solved

He dead broski

I think of it more of what Arthur DID before rather than what he’s doing.

He does seem like the kind of person to fuck everything up

who was this guy?

I think the eagle represents arthur through what he did before for how he got prometheus to make the curses. He stayed pretty much unnoticed before while gaining a lot of power from Aurem before eventually falling hard on prometheus and overpowering him.

Arthur is the reason why mount olympus fell and considering that the war seas are located where greece and mount olympus once were doesn’t seem like something to overlook as a small detail.

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Ik who he is. He’s my friend who gets on sometimes