"You are offered a million dollars, but to claim it you must enter the last video game you played, and stay there for a year. If you accept the money, how's life there?"

I got Fallout New Vegas so time to be crucified like the degenerate I am.

im not answering a reddit question, thanks.


Simple. I’m just not taking the money.

WOOO I hope I get a pyro vision and a polearm

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The last game I’ve played was the Project_Magius game and life would be so boring there I may as well just not take the money but no offense to the forumers who worked on it. You know what, no, I mean all of the offense

What happens if the game closes or becomes inaccessible before a year passes?

lol goodbye

No. No video game has enough content to keep me entertained if i’m in it for an entire year.

Or can they?

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I’m gonna pretend I’ve last played AO, and then go and live in Frostmill for awhile

u gotta play a game that has time travel so you can time travel in game and leave, that way you can time travel irl
or play a magic game and take the magic out

wish me luck boys
im kicking some ass today.

i last played ar for a few minutes to see if it was fucked up
but all i know is im fucked up

r*ddit :face_vomiting:

Welp, time to die to magical genocide!

not even gonna make it past maura, wait i respawn in this game
so that means that… I CANNOT DIE

I’m going to be spending a long time finding Chomiks.

Retail Tycoon 2

aight time to buy a lambo

TF2 or Phantom Forces

its either experience a lotta guns in PF or Kill Bind Comedy

people who played acnh:

My peaceful minecraft world

Sounds nice tbh