You get to command your personal army: what do you call it AND what do you do with it?

T-34/76’s Hypothetical Suite for Forumers in G Major, FML 1003

One morning, you awake and open the front door to see ranks and files of hundreds of armed and uniform people, who promise to follow each and every one of your orders without question. All of them are equipped with the latest military-grade gear and received complementary training. You have their loyalty, their power, and their trust. Now it’s time to define who they are.

This could be a good time to enter the battle against many problems in society such as domestic terrorism, high crime rates, and illegal trafficking. You can work alongside the law enforcement to crack down on felons and bring national fame to your name.

On the other hand, you can gain a lot more for yourself if you aim for personal goals. You have hundreds of paramilitary fighters at your command, it should be easy to rob a bank or two. Or you can pay a visit to the dealership and “convince” the employees to hand over your dream car. Or you can settle some scores with an old bully or rival from school. The National Guard won’t be too happy with this, though.

Don’t forget to name your force, make it feel unique and not boring.

Can they be eggdogs instead of humans, then I will rush zamsire’s house

the anti swag corporation

our goal would be to force valve to release games with the number 3 in it and destroy twitter’s servers

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yeah sure go for it

Eggdog Army


i will also declare war on the eggdog army

You fool, there’s super saiyan eggdog

ahah but my army negates all swag magic so the super saiyan eggdog will not be super saiyan

Arcane Eggdog

World of Eggdog

Eggdog Odyssey

Eggventure Story

Depends on how powerful the army is in comparison to others and combined forces.

Anything less than unrivalled world domination and I’m making them work to fund my personal ambitions (i.e. college and shit).

either way, they’ll all be called Losers

never underestimate my boiling without water weapons

i will make boiled eggs out of your army and eat them with toast

They’re not real eggs smh, just shaped like them. Search eggdog



its as well-trained and well-armed as any other military in the world. However, you only have several hundred of them to spare and you don’t have crazy stuff like tanks and jets.

ok now since i have seen them

can i ally with the eggdog army instead and we can both take all swag in the world

they are now my slaves


Eggdog and ur army have much swag

lets goooooooooooo

we will be the swag alliance

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Arcane Adventures but eggdog

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Imagine what a thousand wizard eggdogs could do plus another army

i dont think it can be said in words

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