Agility is not applied to sprinting

The walkspeed multiplier from Agility is not applied to the added walkspeed from sprinting.
Since sprint speed is over double walking speed, this makes Agility less than half as effective as it should be.

I don’t actually know the exact numbers, but if I have a 1.5x walkspeed multiplier from agility:

Walking: 16 * 1.5 = 24           (1.5x multiplier)
Sprinting: (16 * 1.5) + 20 = 44  (~1.2x multiplier)

The correct behaviour would be this:

Walking: 16 * 1.5 = 24           (1.5x multiplier)
Sprinting: (16 + 20) * 1.5 = 54  (1.5x multiplier)

If you want to replicate this bug, get some agility and run in a line. Then walk in a line. Then take off your clothes and do it again. Do the maths, and hey presto, agility is garbage.

For obvious reasons, there’s nothing relevant in the F9 console.

also vetex if ur reading this plz share the percentage stat scaling formula it’s been months


Agility definitely improves your sprinting speed, but from what I’m getting, you’re saying that it doesn’t boost that speed to what it should be.
However, I think that that would be far too fast since I’ve seen the sprinting speeds of 57 agility to 100+

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Yes - agility does boost sprinting, but not as much as it should.
It doesn’t look intentional (which is why I posted it here), but maybe it is, only vetex can say.

In any case it’s unintuitive, and if we (for some reason) want to nerf agility we should probably do it by reducing the amount of agility given by items, the same way power and destruction were nerfed.
This has a disproportionate effect at low levels, and pretty much cancels out the scaling for percentage stats. It’s not a good solution to agility being OP.

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Personally I think it’s intentional, I’ve infamy hunted for a month using a glass cannon agility build and I can say from experience that too much agility practically makes you untouchable if you try running away (unless you get stunned). On the other hand, no one will be able to run away from you.

And yeah, we can never know for sure unless vetex tells us. But I do think that the scaling is balanced as is.

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