An Arcane Odyssey: Remnants of Winterveil

Be sure to complete the campaign up until arriving on Wind-Row Island to avoid spoilers. The story is meant to run parallel to Arcane Adventures and Arcane Odyssey and will at times intertwine.


Y1782 - Winterveil Extermination

After reports of a mysterious Magic Thief and the destruction of the now known “Old Sea”, the king of Winterveil had ordered the departure of Winterveil’s excursion fleet into the Seven Seas to investigate these reports. Admiral Arvids Arneson alongside his fleet sailed south of the Bronze Sea in order to locate this Magic Thief and destroy them before they could ever set foot in the War Seas as well as obtain their powers and artifacts as the kingdom quickly loses influence and strength.

During this excursion, King Nero Caesar of the Ravenna Realm have gotten word that the kingdom’s top officers and admirals were sent away; he immediately pounced on the opportunity and quickly destroyed the opposing kingdom, leading to the Winterveil Extermination.

Y1802 - Fall of Akursius Keep

Twenty years after the Excursion Fleet were sent to the Seven Seas, a small detachment of ships, that were harboring a powerful artifact that the Magic Thief Durza, once used - were sent back to report to the Winterveil Royalty of their findings as well as meeting the renowned War Phoenix. However when they had arrive, they found the kingdom in ruins and occupied by their long adversaries, the Ravenna Realm. In anger, Commodore Frode Arneson as well as a surviving Admiral, Joshua Graham had captured a Ravenna Ensign and tortured the Ensign for information, this man was able to escape and warned the Bronze Legion of the return of Winterveil yet no one believed the man, sending him away in a ship and some cargo. Five days later, the commodore utilized the artifact to destroy the stronghold, destroying themselves and cursing the island for eternity, driving away the Bronze Legion and any life from the island.

Y1837 - Return of the Excursion Fleet

After suffering a crippling defeat in the hands of Durza and the death of Admiral Arvids Arenson, his first-born, Bjorn Arvidsson has taken the position of Fleet Admiral and ordered the retreat of the Excursion Fleet back to the War Seas. When they had returned, they found Akursius Keep in ruins and travelled to Sailor’s Lodge where they had gain information on the Bronze Legion and what occurred in their home. Disgusted by this act, they agreed to spread their fleet across the Bronze Sea and undermine the influence of the Ravenna Realm while searching for Winterveil refugees and sympathizers.

Y1857 - Present Day

After years of a shadow-war occurring across the Bronze Sea, Fort Talos was invaded by an unknown infiltrator, some of the Winterveil Fleet pounced on this opportunity to gather information and destroy the stronghold. However, their efforts had failed due to the fort’s exterior and defense still being in-tact as opposed to its dungeon and so the fleet was forced to retreat once more. After such a tremendous lost of manpower; the Lost Heir, Prince Neviro had reemerged and united its people against Ravenna. Admiral Bjorn Arvidsson rendezvous with the prince, the Anomaly known as Iris and the now-Curse Thief Morden to locate the mysterious figure who had crippled Fort Talos and killed the Lion of Old Ravenna, General Argos.

The three were able to successfully sneak into the Eternal Mines and free the captives, causing a revolt within Ravenna Castello. The fleet, whom were patiently waiting nearby, immediately blockade the entire island, cutting off Ravenna from reinforcements as well as from escaping. After the king’s death, the Winterveil Fleet destroyed Ravenna’s remaining forces in order to buy time for the Lost Heir’s retreat. The fleet, who had recognize that they cannot face the might of the Bronze Legion’s fleet swiftly dispersed from the area once the prince and his allies have been secured.

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hey what about the deserter edward kenton???

(assuming you got him before you reached the part where julian claps your cheeks)

Edward Kenton may appear on my next post, depends on which tale I’ll follow this up with.